Pride week’s elaborate parades and festivals have people coming together across the country to celebrate the LGBTQ community. If you plan to celebrate pride week while traveling, it's time to book your vacation rental! The nationwide average for pride week rentals is currently $206 per night. Find out which cities offer the best value in terms of price and availability, according to’s data, for their respective pride celebrations.

1. Portland, OR

The Portland Pride Festival will be held June 13-14th this year at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. While the parade will occur on Sunday, June 14th, the celebration will continue the rest of that week and month with dances, film screenings, and rallies. Rentals in Portland during the festival have a median price of $165, $41 less than the national average. While in Portland, visit Washington Park, which is considered to be one of the country's best urban parks.

2. Columbus, OH

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The Pride celebrations in Columbus will take place June 19-21st, 2015. Visitors can enjoy a variety of fun events, including drag shows, a 5K race, brunch, and of course, the anticipated parade, which will take place on June 20th. The median price of an accommodation rental that weekend is $165, which is $41 below the national average. Make the most of your visit to Ohio by driving north from Columbus to Sandusky, located on Lake Erie, home to the second oldest operating amusement park in the U.S., Cedar Point.

3. Houston, TX

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Houston Pride Week takes place the week of June 21-28th, 2015. The week is packed with fun events, which lead up to the festival and parade on June 27th. With its vacation rental prices being $50 under the national average at $156 per night, Houston is a great destination to explore this summer. After celebrating in Houston, travel through Texas to Addison, home voted as one of the best places to celebrate the 4th of July!

4. Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN/St. Paul, MN)

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The Twin Cities pride festival and parade will take place the weekend of June 27-28th, 2015 in Minneapolis. Guests have a variety of events and activities to partake in and attend, including a concert, a live show from famous comedian Lily Tomlin, 5K race, picnic, parade and more. The median price of a rental in the Twin Cities for the weekend is $135, this is $71 less than the nationwide average. Attend a baseball game with friends during your visit at the 'green' Target Field, LEED Silver Certified ballpark.

5. Augusta, GA

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Augusta holds its pride festival from June 26-27th, 2015. The weekend’s celebration includes quintessential summer activities, including a parade, outdoor dance party and a pool party. The parade and festival will take place on Saturday, June 27th. Rentals in Augusta are $71 less than the national average, with a median price of $135. Visitors will certainly enjoy these great rates in addition Georgia's warm summer weather!

Pride Week Pricing for Other Cities

City Dates Median $ Per Night
Albuquerque, NM June 13 $175
Atlanta, GA Oct 9-11 $199
Augusta, GA June 26-27 $135
Boston, MA June 11-14 $250
Chicago, IL June 23-28 $275
Cincinnati, OH June 27 $170
Columbus, OH June 19-21 $165
Houston, TX June 21-28 $156
Jacksonville, TN Oct 4-5 $187.5
Los Angeles, CA June 12-14 $269
Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN June 27-28 $135
Nasvhille, TN June 26-28 $200
New Orleans, LA June 18-21 $200
New York, NY June 24-28 $287
Portland, OR June 13-14 $165
San Diego, CA July 17-19 $335
San Francisco, CA June 26-28 $211.5
Seattle, WA June 26-28 $229
St. Louis, MO June 26-28 $175

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