Latest Post: The 10 Best Beaches for a Family Vacation

Pack up the kids and take them on a beach adventure!


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Trip Ideas

The 10 Best Beaches for a Family Vacation

Pack up the kids and take them on a beach adventure!

The 10 Best Beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast

Florida's acclaimed Gulf Coast is home to countless popular beaches. But which ones are the best? Find out here!

Owner Guides

​How to Make Yield Management Work for Your Vacation Rental Business

Don't miss yield management expert James Sells' insider tips to help you grow your vacation rental business!

Six Simple Tips for Renting Your Property to Millennials (Like Me)

When presenting your property online, don’t forget to consider the wants of Millennial travelers. Vacation rental expert Matt Landau explains how to appeal to the newest generation of guests.

Guest Guides

BedyCasa Promotion August 2015: Book Now and Save!

Book with Bedycasa through August 2015 using Paypal to get $10 off your rental!

How to Find Gay Friendly Rentals displays over 2.5 million rentals worldwide. Find out how to search specifically for gay-friendly listings on our site and on others.

Industry Information

How Do Pride Events Affect Short-Term Rental Markets?

Learn how pride celebrations affect local vacation rental markets. PriceMethod data highlights where owners can capitalize on the increased demand for accommodation.

Which Vacation Rental Amenities Add the Most Value?

There are many factors that contribute to vacation rental rates. In addition to location, size, and seasonality, it is important for owners to consider their property's amenities. Some of the most popular ones, including laundry facilities, pool,...