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Trip Ideas

​National Homebrewers Conference: Discover the Best Beer in San Diego!

The beer experts at Noble Brewer reveal the best places to enjoy beer in San Diego. With over 90 bars and breweries to choose from, read on to see what made their list!

​The Beer Lover's Guide to Seoul

Whether you're headed to Seoul, South Korea for work or fun, don't worry, you don't need to leave craft beer behind.

Owner Guides

Interior Design Tips: Best Paint Colors for Your Vacation Rental

Giving your rental a makeover could help one-time guests become regulars!

Why Vacation Rentals are a Goldmine

When staying at a vacation rental, have you ever thought, "How great would it be to own this place? I could come here when I want, make great memories, and maybe even retire here one day".

Guest Guides

Win $5000 When You Book on Roomorama

Book with Roomorama through June, 2015 and you could win $5000. Read to learn more.

Super Bowl Short Term Rentals - A Winning Play Over Hotels

For fans deciding whether to stay in a hotel vs. short-term rental this Super Bowl weekend, here are a few tidbits to consider before swiping the credit card.

Industry Information

Which Vacation Rental Amenities Add the Most Value?

There are many factors that contribute to vacation rental rates. In addition to location, size, and seasonality, it is important for owners to consider their property's amenities. Some of the most popular ones, including laundry facilities, pool,...

Which Vacation Rental Amenity Is Most Important to Travelers? And How Much Does It Cost You?

Today's vacation rentals are becoming more and more like hotels, with a variety of amenities now available in each property to help mirror a private, luxurious hotel experience.