Whether at a lake or the ocean, a beach trip is a welcome getaway no matter the time of year. Look forward to playing in the water, building sandcastles, and flying kites. The only thing that can make a beach trip even better is by taking your dog with you. Of course, not all beaches welcome your four-legged friend, so be mindful of each beach’s posted signs and guidelines. After settling into your New York vacation rental, venture off with your pet to frolic in the sand and surf. Start with this list of the five best dog-friendly beaches in New York.

1. Montauk Beach, Montauk

Your pup can run free with your supervision on Montauk Beach. However, from Mid-May to the end of September, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach during the daytime. For the rest of the year, this beach goes to the dogs. Dogs enjoy the length of this beach the provides plenty of romping room and space to jump in the area to catch a Frisbee. Humans are expected to keep their dogs close and pick up after them. You can enter the beach from the center of town and from several points along Montauk Beach.

The small town of Montauk offers dog-friendly vacation rentals. Tour the Montauk Point Light and museum to learn more about this area’s maritime history and past shipwrecks. Spend a day fishing by booking a private trip with My Joyce Charters who takes you the best fishing holes so you come back with an ice chest full of fish.

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2. Mirror Lake Beach, Lake Placid

Nestled in the Adirondacks, Lake Placid is home to Mirror Lake that offers a lovely dog-friendly beach. There is a 2.7-mile trail that runs around the lake with sand in many of the spots. Along the way and while playing on the beach, find fresh water for your pooch to drink and waste bags to make cleaning up a cinch. The water starts out shallow and gently slopes to deeper water, making it ideal for families with small children and small dogs. Dogs are allowed to play on the beach and swim in the water with supervision throughout the year. However, the city of Lake Placid holds frequent concerts and events on the beach, so check the schedule if your dog doesn’t like big crowds. Most of the visitors to the beach are low-key so your dog won’t get worked up. After your dog enjoys his play, head over to the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails to see the beauty of the surrounding area.

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3. East Hampton Beach, East Hampton

During the off-season, you and your pup can stroll on the beach and chase the waves any time of the day, and Fido doesn’t have to be on a leash with your supervision. From the second Sunday in May through the end September, dogs can hang out on the beach during the daytime, but he must be on a short leash at all times. However, you can enjoy the sunset from the sand, since dinner time starts dog off-leash approved hours. This beach is wide and long to provide you with plenty of room to roam or spread a blanket to soak up the sun. At Village Beach, find doggie clean-up bags for any messes and a place to wash your dog, so you don’t end up with sand from his fur all over your car. During the summer months, the beaches are frequently monitored so make sure to follow and know all of the rules. During your stay, spend some time touring the LongHouse Reserve gardens, or rent bicycles from Amagansett Beach and Bicycle Company to ride around the city to see the sights.

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4. Lake George Dog Beach, Lake George

Your day at the Lake George Dog Beach starts with a stroll through a large grassy meadow to reach the sand and to help your dog burn off some energy from the excitement of the car ride. While your dog must remain on his leash at all times, there isn’t a specification of how long the leash can or can’t be, so bring the longest one you own. Your dog will find plenty of other furry friends on this beach as it’s quite popular with the canine-loving crowd. There isn’t a cost for accessing the dog beach; however, there is metered parking for your car. Also, plan to bring fresh drinking water and bags to clean up waste. Stay in the town of Lake George to spend a few days in the area. If you enjoy chills, then stop by the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum with its monster theme.

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5. Lake Moreau State Park Beach, Gansevoort

Like all state parks, Lake Moreau State Park doesn’t allow dogs on the swimming beach. However, as you and your pup navigate the hiking trails, you find many small beaches dotting the water, where your furry friend can roll in the sand – if you don’t mind a little sand in your car – and splash in the water. Your dog must be on a leash while in the park.

Gansevoort is a small hamlet, where you and your dog enjoy a laid-back vacation. In the evenings, stroll around the small downtown area to see the historic buildings. Tour the New York State Military Museum and Veterans Research Center to learn more about battles fought in New York and service members from this state.

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