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BedyCasa is a community for travelers, students and lodgers and also for owners with homestay accommodations such as bed and breakfasts, guest rooms, guest houses, cabins, home swaps and couch surfing. The goal of Bedycasa is to encourage cultural exchanges and to allow people to travel around the world and stay in local homes. Hosts are present in BedyCasa rentals. Founded in 2007, BedyCasa has more than 20,000 listings for homestays worldwide as of 2015!

Things to Know About BedyCasa

  • Registration and login are quick and easy with Facebook Connect.
  • Guests can use PayPal, credit cards or debit cards for online payments.
  • All 'hosting family' members are assessed both by the world travelers and guests who stay with them and by the BedyCasa ambassadors.

What Others Are Saying About BedyCasa

"Bedycasa received the award for the best site for tourism... the Jury Prize from Travel d'Or."-

"'..the first site recommended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.'" - TechCrunch

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Telephone (International): 0033 (0)4 11 93 43 70


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