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Experience Asia like a local, regardless of your familiarity with the region.

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With thousands of listings in the increasingly popular Asia-Pacific region, travelmob is a leading online social marketplace. From Hong Kong to the Philippines and Sydney to Seoul, travelmob offers a wide variety of unique vacation rentals for any budget. Available in 13 languages and 17 currencies, travelmob is easy to use for guests and hosts alike. For users on the go the travelmob app is the best way to browse.

Founded in 2012 by Turochas Fuad and Prashant Kirtane, the Singapore based startup focuses on giving travelers the most authentic Asian travel experience possible. In order to achieve this, travelmob features a local events section, “experience tags" to help you refine your search, and a broadcast option, which allows hosts to contact you with property recommendations that match your specifications.

Browse travelmob on Tripping.com

Things to Know About travelmob

  • Hosts can list their property on travelmob for free, directly through travelmob's website or through Facebook Connect.
  • travelmob has a secure payment system that protects both the hosts and guests. Guests pay in full upfront, but the payment will remain on hold for 24 hours after check in.

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“If your budget can't quite stretch to five-star luxury resorts, check out travelmob.com before you book a hotel."


“travelmob focuses on consumers traveling in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, promising a much more authentic and social travel experience than you'll usually get at hotels."

-Tech in Asia

“travelmob can . . . give travellers a wide array of options, whether they're looking for a budget stay or a romantic place or something luxurious and unique."


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