With year-round sun and renowned beaches, Southern California is the obvious spot for every kind of beach activity. Skimboarding requires the perfect combination of sand and sea and we rounded up the best spots in SoCal for just that.

1. The Wedge - Newport Beach, CA

This beach is known for its legendary waves, making it a popular spot for surfers and skimboarders alike. Thanks to engineered additions to the natural rock jetty and steep sand, the water hits the beach in near-perfect break waves ideal for skimboarding. This spot is a must for wave enthusiasts.

2. Victoria Beach - Laguna Beach, CA

The historic lighthouse at Victoria Beach and minimal use provide the perfect beach locale for skimboarding. Parking is limited, but that helps keep the crowds away, so get there early. The waves at the south end of Victoria are popular amongst skimboarders and, if you get tired of that, check out their public volleyball nets.

3. Venice Beach - Los Angeles, CA

One of LA’s most famous beaches is a great spot for water sports. After people-watching and strolling along its legendary boardwalk, head to the Venice Breakwater north of the pier where the open flat sands create waves ideal for skimboarding. Expect crowds, of course, Venice Beach is always popular.

4. Thousand Steps Beach - Laguna Beach, CA

True to its name, you’ll have to be prepared to carry your skimboard down quite a few stairs (don’t worry, there aren’t actually 1,000) to get to this beautiful beach. But the climb is well worth it. The southern end of the beach features a steep shoreline that creates exhilarating waves, making for some of the best skimboarding around. When you’re done skimming on the perfect combination of sand and waves, explore the nearby caves and rock arches and search for the secret bathing pools built into the cliffs.

5. Treasure Island Beach - Laguna Beach, CA

At the southern end of this gorgeous Laguna Beach gem you’ll find a cove of flat, golden sand and medium waves popular with skimboarders. Treasure Island Beach is also popular for its vibrant tidepools, so be sure to check out the starfish, anemones, and other ocean flora and fauna after you wrap up your skimming session.

6. Refugio State Beach - Goleta, CA

Located 20 miles from Santa Barbara, the pearly white sands of Refugio State Beach stretch along the coastline, offering miles of beach of swimming, surfing, fishing, relaxing, and of course, skimboarding. This quiet beach has some of the best waves and even better sunsets.

7. Malibu Lagoon State Beach - Malibu, CA

This beautiful protected beach lies just a few minutes from downtown Malibu and its nickname “Surfrider Beach” will give you a good indication of its surfing and skimboarding prowess. In 2010 it was awarded the first World Surfing Reserve status thanks to its world class waves. Catch the lively tide pools at low tide and witness a variety of wildlife thanks to the beach’s protected status.

8. Sleepy Hollow Beach - Laguna Beach, CA

No headless horsemen here, just vast sandy beaches and crystal blue water. Head to the southern end of the beach where a reef creates plenty of waves for your skimboard. The beach is perfect for sunning and swimming (further north, safe from the reef and waves) and is easily walkable from central Laguna Beach.

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This article was written by Katie Vaughan.