If you’re a skimboarding enthusiast, you’ve probably read our article on the best places to skimboard in the U.S., but while skimboarding in its current form originated in California, it has been slowly spreading to the rest of the world. The sport only started gaining momentum in Spain within the last decade. With growing popularity, Spain has some incredible beaches to add to your skimboarding bucket list.

Spain's Best Skimboarding Spots:

1. San Sebastian, Pais Vasco

San Sebastian is a popular beach with that keeps a pretty consistent climate all year long - from ranging from 50’s and 60’s in the winter months to 70’s the rest of the year. The skimboarding season is best put on hold over winter months, as the tides are generally not great enough to give a good experience, but when spring is nearing, offerings include being able to ride both front and side waves.

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2. Gava, Barcelona

Gava has that perfect sand with the right amount of slope and space to give a good skimboarding experience. The conditions are so ideal that there is a skimboarding school that offers classes - so if you’re just curious and happen to be visiting Barcelona or are with some friends that can’t quite keep up with you (yet), this is a spot they can learn a bit with Gorgo Skim.

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3. Hondarribia, Pais Vasco

People will cross the France-Spain border to have an opportunity to skim here. The waves in France are reportedly too big for skimboarders, so this spot further south is the first best option one can have when visiting these European countries. With no rocks and solid winds offering several hours before and after high tide, there is a lot of potential for getting some good skimboarding sessions in here. An extra tip for this location: there is another beach in the harbour behind the town which produces excellent siders.

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4. Faro de Trafalgar, Cadiz

With a 1-3ft swell every 8-10 seconds, it’s likely you’ll get some good skimboarding at Faro de Trafalgar. Locals say the best seasons for skimming are Spring and Fall due to temperatures and wind patterns, but the beach is located in a Cape, which comes with it’s own unpredictability, so the conditions can change greatly even over the course of one day. Definitely be sure to check the tides before heading out for this one, and perhaps be prepared to take some breaks if the conditions change too drastically.

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5. Sotogrande Port, Sotogrande

With 12km in beaches surrounding Sotogrande, it makes it easier to find a lesser populated spot of beach on which to skimboard to your heart’s desire. The water can be a bit colder, in general, as this is near where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, but that’s actually better for not having to worry about crashing into some overly hot sand while skimboarding as long as you have the right gear to work in the cooler water.

Sotogrande Port, SotograndeSotogrande Port, Sotogrande

With the growth of skimboarding throughout Spain, the optimum beaches are still being discovered. Let us know if you’ve had the opportunity to check out anymore that we can add to our list!

This article was written by Kim Cowan.