Packing for a trip to Europe can be challenging. The weather is varied and the styles are slightly different from most of the United States. Follow these ten useful tips as you pack so that you can enjoy comfort and style on your trip. You'll also be prepared for any situation!

Here Are 10 Things To Bring To Europe In Your Suitcase

1. Walking shoes.

To see the sights, you’ll need a good pair of shoes that can get you from one attraction to the other. You can get around most european cities easily by walking or taking public transpiration — so be prepared!

2. A rain coat or umbrella.

If you’re visiting the beautifully drizzly countries of Northern Europe, you’ll need something to fend off the rain whatever the time of the year. London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris experience regular showers on gray and dreary days — even in the summer!

3. Adaptors.

You’re going to want to make sure that you bring adaptors — and the right adaptors — so that you can use your electronics abroad. You can pick them up before you go or at the airport, but just make sure you check the voltages. You don’t want to fry your hairdryer!

4. Stylish clothing.

Bring your style to Europe, as Europeans tend to dress up a little more fashionably than we do here in America (sorry). This is the time to break out a fun dress or a bunch of accessories that you’d normally pass on at home. But don’t go overboard! Nobody wants to see an American in Paris sporting a jaunty beret — it’s been done.

5. Phrase books.

It never hurts to give speaking the native language the old college try, whether or not you’re fluent. Looking words up in your phrase book might make getting around simpler. Also, it’ll be interesting to get a better understanding of the native tongue. Parlez-vous francais?

6. Don’t bring sweats.

Leave the sweats and workout clothes at home. This is the time to see some of the greatest art and monuments in the world, not to go to the gym. Walking around in sweats isn’t really done in Europe, so give them a miss.

7. Don’t advertise your home town.

Don’t wear shirts or hats that literally spell out where you’re from back home. Supporting your local sports team or university might not be the best idea, as it’ll label you as an out-of-towner. Europeans don’t have the same type of local spirit that we have in America, so try to keep your home-state sweatshirt under wraps.

8. Small bottles.

Pack mini shampoos, toothpastes, body washes — you name it. Anything that you can get in a smaller bottle is going to simplify your trip. You can throw the bottles out once you go through them in Europe, and then have more packing space to bring back souvenirs.

9. Flight essentials.

Make sure to get the travel pillow, magazine, or snacks that you like for the flight. It’s a long haul going all the way to Europe, and it can even take a few flights to get to your destination. Save yourself the stress, and make sure you have everything to put you at ease during the long journey!

10. Your camera.

Though iPhone photos are usually pretty high quality, this is the time to bring out a real digital camera — or even traditional film if you’re a photography buff! You’ll want to capture the memories you make and the sights that you see, so make sure you have back-up and high quality photos.

This article was written by Clara Hudson.