If you're planning on going on a trip to a cold climate this winter, you should be prepared. You may have the urge to pack every warm thing that you have, but if you bring some of the essentials, you won't end up with a massive suitcase. Here are ten things that you should make sure to pack in your winter suitcase.

Pack These 10 Things On Your Winter Trip

10. Think Layers

When preparing for your vacation, you’ll want to make the most of your luggage space. To do that, make sure you pack different types of layers—outer layers, mid layers, base layers, and sweaters. With layers, you can remove them piece by piece when you get toasty indoors, but they’ll keep you insulated when you’re out and about. Take a look at how to layer with a vest and jacket.

9. Pack Warm Socks

One of the worst feelings in the winter is cold feet. Avoid the pain and frustration of cold feet by bringing thick, tall, warm socks. Pack enough socks for the duration of your stay and a few extras in case any get wet and you need to change them. We recommend Smartwool socks, as they’re made of wool and will do the trick in keeping your feet warm and toasty in the freezing temperatures.

8. Bring a Warm Jacket—Just One

Don’t worry about bringing more than one warm jacket. Since you’re already thinking layers, you’ll have plenty of options for keeping warm outdoors and won’t need more than one outer layer jacket option. Just make sure the one you do bring is warm enough for your liking, ideally down-filled, too. Down-filled jackets are also often very easy to pack, since they collapse and fold up tightly. We recommend going for a high down fill, somewhere above 700-fill would be ideal. This jacket includes down 800-fill insulation, and will be sure to keep you warm.

7. Gloves are Essential

When you’re on a winter vacation, you may just so happen to come across some snow. If so, you might want a pair of gloves that will allow you to have some fun and start a snowball fight. Down-filled gloves will keep you extra warm, while insulated gloves will also be adequate in protecting your mitts. Be sure to clasp them together when not using them so you don’t lose one or both! Try going for gloves like these ones from LL Bean.

6. Cover Your Feet

You’ll need a good pair of boots that will keep your feet warm when strolling, hiking, or wandering around on your vacation. LL Bean makes quality, waterproof boots, as does REI. If you’re on a budget, REI brand boots are generally fairly affordable. For the long haul, go with an insulated pair from LL Bean; their lifetime warranty on all products means you can replace them free of charge for a new pair if something happens to them.

5. Apply Chapstick and Sunscreen

Just because temperatures may be freezing doesn’t mean you should leave the lip balm and sunscreen at home. In fact, on sunny winter days, the sun can reflect off the snow and really give you a sunburn. Come prepared with your own sunscreen and lip balm so you don’t have to pay high convenience prices to get some on the fly.

4. Protect Your Eyes

Along with a sunburn, the reflection of the sun off of the white snow will mean you need to protect your eyes. Don’t leave the sunglasses at home just because you aren’t going to a beach destination; your eyes will thank you for thinking of them when you step outside and aren’t blinded the the reflection. Try to get sunglasses with polarized lenses for ultimate protection. Check out lots of good options at the Sunglass Hut.

3. Bring a Hat

Any exposed skin in the winter can make you that much colder, so be sure to bring a hat that fits snug to your head A beanie will work, but if it has large crocheted holes, it may let too much cold air in. Skida hats (and neck warmers!) are perfect for keeping your noggin warm, and they also benefit a good cause: the company work with hospitals to provide the hats to children going through chemotherapy.

2. Pack Hand Warmers

For those bitter cold days when your hats, gloves, and jackets aren’t enough, you might want to bring along some hand warmers. Stored in individual packages until you need them, hand warmers are air activated and heat right up when you need a little something extra. Keep them in your pockets and let the warmth sooth your cold hands. Hot Hands are recommended, although there are many other types.

1. Don’t Forget Your Thermals

Layers will keep your body insulated throughout those cold days on vacation, but the ever important layer might just be the base. Thermals are made of cotton and polyester and they’re lightweight and thin for easy packing. Try some classic Hanes thermals, which come in many different colors and sizes, and will provide you with a good base layer.

This article was written by Julianne Aiello.