Heading down south for vacation this spring, but don’t want to spend your time at over-crowded beaches? Look no further than the gulf coast of Louisiana. Here are the five best beaches for you to check out on your Louisiana vacation!

1. Cajun Riviera (Holly Beach)

Photo: jc winkler/Flickr

If you’re going to the beach to try a new adventure, the Cajun Riviera is the beach for you. With a coastline filled with rivers and marshes, you can spend your vacation camping out in the sand or in a rental home or RV around the area. You can also rent one of the notorious stilt houses in the area if you just want to spend your vacation relaxing in the sand or fishing in the Gulf. If you decide to go swimming, be on the lookout for the levees and barriers that help fight coastline erosion.

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2. Cypremort Point Beach

Photo: Richard Byrd/Flickr

For a more scenic vacation, visit Cypremort Point. Here you can take an endless amount of beautiful pictures of the beach overlooking the Vermillion Bay. You can also plan to fish or try your hand at windsurfing. This beach is another great camping spot, so feel free to ditch the house and rent a cabin for a night! Cypremort has a great fishing pier, and sometimes you can catch the sight of an alligator at night in the Original Swamp Gardens.

Find a great place to stay near the Cajun Riviera

3. Fontainebleau State Park

Photo: Edd Prince/Flickr

If the only thing you have scheduled during your vacation is to relax by the beach, Fontainebleau is the place to be. These white sand beaches are filled with a beautiful view of Lake Pontchartrain, so feel free to spend your entire vacation watching the sunrise and set. If you’re looking to get out and get active, the park has a variety of different hiking trails for you to explore, or you can bring the boat along and paddle up the shores of the lake. Planning a family vacation? Rent a cabin nearby for a fun-filled weekend stay.

Find a great place to stay near the Cajun Riviera

4. Grand Isle

Grand Isle is the perfect vacation spot if you want a mixture of relaxation and adventure. The white sands of this beach are perfect for relaxing and lounging in the sun, but you can also try your hand at catching one of the 50 different species of fish in this area. You can also spend a little cash and enjoy the nice state park in the area. Love animals? Try your hand at watching some of the migrating birds that stop by for the winter. There are rentals and townhomes available for rent right on the beach, so be sure to check out arguably the most famous beach in Louisiana.

Find a great place to stay near the Cajun Riviera

5. North Beach

North Beach is the perfect urban getaway. Spend your days out visiting places like the September 11th Memorial or Millennium Park; and spend your nights watching the sunset over the lake or playing volleyball with some friends. You can also check out one of the cool festivals that come through Lake Charles. North Beach is the only white sand inland beach in Louisiana, so be sure to book a rental or check out other lodging places nearby.

Find a great place to stay near the Cajun Riviera

This article was written by Kellyn Nettles.