To maximize profits from your vacation rental as an owner, it is important to stay conscious of your guests' use of utilities. There are ways that you can optimize your vacation rental for energy saving, so that your vacation rental investment is more worthwhile. In this article, Ken Delahoussaye, owner and senior design engineer at Kadtronix, gives advice to owners about ways to save money on your future electric bills.

Reduce Your Energy Bill At Your Rental Property

The Tale Begins

Once upon a time, you decided to rent out your luxurious home to earn some extra cash. You made the preparations, placed some ads, and voila—got your first booking! Your guests arrived right on time. They obeyed all your rules and treated your property with tender loving care (well, mostly). After two weeks of fun in the sun, their vacation sadly came to an end and they returned home.

All-in-all, it was a mutually satisfying experience. They got comfortable lodging and you put some dough in your pocket.

Sounds like the perfect fairytale, right? Well, your guests may end up living happily ever after, but you're in for a nasty surprise.

The Ogre Awakens

Weeks later, you open your monthly utility statement and nearly go into shock. The bill is three times the usual amount. Your perfect tenants have somehow managed to rack up a ridiculous number of kilowatt hours. You scratch your head wondering if there has been some mistake. In an instant, your handsome profit has shrunk to mere pocket change.

Unable to figure out what happened, you reluctantly chalk it up as an unsolved mystery. Meanwhile, you look forward to your next booking, confident that it will compensate for your lost income.

Soon after the Smith family arrives, you are alerted to a minor plumbing issue that requires your attention. Early the next morning, Mr. Smith greets you at the door and welcomes you inside. He escorts you to the kitchen where he points out a leaky faucet.

“No problem,” you say. “I'll just grab a few tools and be right back.” But as you set out for the garage, you make a disturbing discovery—the patio doors are flung wide open and the air conditioning is blasting full-bore. You stare in utter disbelief, watching your profit dollars take flight on a one-way trip to parts unknown.

Slaying the Beast

Heating and cooling can account for more than 50% of your electric bill. So, how do you provide the best possible experience for your guests without surrendering your wallet to the power company? First of all, you should make sure to ask your guests to be extra cautious about using energy - it's not just for the sake of your wallet; it's helping the environment, too! You can also remind your guests in person during their stay when you come to welcome them to the property or check on something.

For your peace of mind, though, the most elegant solution to this problem can be found in a clever device that monitors doors and windows, such as the Kadtronix HVAC Smart Relay Switch. This device is easily installed by any AC technician or electrician and is universally compatible with most split system (central) ducted units. Consisting of relay controller plus door and window sensors, the system continually monitors for a violation condition, like a door or window that remains open. Should a violation occur, cooling (or heating) will be automatically disabled. Normal operation is restored when the violation has cleared (i.e., door or window is closed).

The device is entirely configurable to suit your needs. For instance, you can specify that doors must remain open for a minimum of two minutes before taking action, which accommodates normal, everyday access. There is also an optional re-activation delay for compressor protection. You can learn more about the packages and pricing here. Pre-sales questions are welcome and there is no charge for technical assistance. For a limited time, readers of this blog will get free shipping when purchasing the HSRS. Just apply coupon code, “TRIPPING” when placing your order (continental 48 states only, standard ground shipping).

You can also receive a couple of peel-and-stick decals, reminding your guests to keep doors and windows closed. (Available while quantities last, just mention that you'd like them included with your order.)