If you ever watch TV, chances are good that you’ve heard of musical duo Lennon & Maisy by now. The Canadian sisters star on ABC’s series Nashville as Maddie and Daphne Conrad. But aside from being musical geniuses (check out their cover of “Boom Clap”), it turns out that these talented girls also have amazing design taste.

Pottery Barn Teen recently asked Lennon & Maisy to give all of Tripping.com’s homeowners some design advice, using their favorite PBteen pieces as a model. If you are redesigning or upgrading your vacation rental home, and want to give it a modern vibe for your future young adult guests, look no further than this guide! The boho-chic, colorful choices will brighten up any big or small space in your home.

6 Lennon & Maisy Design Favorites For Your Home

1. The Nashville Lounger

Lennon & Maisy: “This is most definitely the piece we fight over most! There are so many things about the Nashville Lounger that we totally love. It's SO cute to look at, it's extremely comfortable AND it swivels!! I mean, c'mon. So cool. Not to mention the name itself is a tip of the hat to the city we live in and love. We currently have this in our shared lounge area but it would be a really great addition to any space. In a living room, an office, a bedroom or possibly even on a covered space outside! You can style it in many ways as well. Go clean and stylish with just the piece alone. Maybe with decorative pillows or a cozy blanket to snuggle up and read a book! We have no doubt there will be music made and many songs written on ours for years to come. However you feel works best for you and your home but If there are more than one of you having to share it...expect some fighting over it.”

2. Free Spirit Canopy

Lennon & Maisy: “We are obsessed with the “Free Spirit Canopy” from our PBteen collection! There is something so dreamy about this piece. The simplicity of the white linen paired with the dark blue tassels creates the perfect addition to a bedroom. We would recommend hanging the canopy above your bed or a chair. You can drape the remaining fabric down the middle or on each side. Right now, we actually have ours hung above our Nashville denim lounger. The two items pair perfectly and there's nothing like having your own mini personal getaway inside your room.”

3. Moroccan Pendants

Lennon & Maisy: “Lighting can change the entire mood of a room. These hanging lights are designed to inspire. The decorative detailing mixed with a soft perfect glow gives you a calm feeling the minute you look at them. So beautiful in fact we can't STOP looking at them! We recommend hanging the Moroccan pendants over a dining room table, or to be the center of attention in a bedroom, maybe in the corner of a room over a cool chair for a separate little relaxing place! Wherever you choose to put them. They're sure to set the mood just right!”

4. Ornate Wood Carved Floor Mirror

Lennon & Maisy: “THIS MIRROR IS EVERYTHING!!! The ornate wood carved floor mirror has such a classic vintage look to it that truly reflects our personal style. It’s one of our favorite pieces in our PBteen collection because it brings such elegance to a room. It can be hung on the wall or simply leaned up against the wall for a more relaxed look. We think this mirror can be styled best in the entrance room of a home. It'll make the best first impression and it's beautiful detailing will no doubt draw any eye to it. We of course also love this mirror for getting ready in the morning, we all could use something to make mornings a little prettier. Not to mention you can take the perfect mirror selfie! Our mirror is currently displayed in Lennon’s room.”

5. Bohemian Rug

Lennon & Maisy: “If you are looking for a statement piece in a room, the bohemian rug from our PBteen collection is what you are looking for. This rug is statement enough; you may just want to style your room around it! All colors throughout the rug create a happier and brighter room. It not only looks incredible, but it is extremely comfortable on the toes. We would recommend styling this in an office space underneath a desk, or in a bedroom to add a fun flair of color. Also in a living room setting, it could add just the right amount of life. We love this rug so much! It has such a fun creative element to it.”

6. Pom Pom Baskets

Lennon & Maisy: “The pom pom baskets from our collection are not only super cute but they are also extremely useful. These baskets are great for any kind of bedroom storage needed. They can be used as storage for blankets and pillows at the end of your bed, to store books underneath a desk or even as a laundry basket. Another styling tip for the baskets is to hang them off the wall. This is a great way to display plants or anything else your heart desires!”

This article is a collaboration between Lennon & Maisy and PBteen.