Today's vacation rentals are becoming more and more like hotels, with a variety of amenities now available in each property to help mirror a private, luxurious hotel experience. The more amenities a property has, the better the experience for the traveler. Vacation owners must understand which amenities matter the most for their target audience, both by soliciting feedback and analyzing competing rentals' behavior in order to ensure return visitors and maximize profit.

Which Vacation Rental Amenities Matter Most To Travelers?

When asked what vacation rental amenities matter the most to U.S. consumers, the winner was Internet/Wifi with 38 percent of U.S. consumers listing it as their number one most important in-house amenity. 33 percent of all respondents said the second most important amenity was a pool or hot tub.

Which Vacation Rental Amenities Matter To You Most?
# Amenity All Respondents
1. Internet/Wifi
2. Pool/Hot Tub
3. Climate Control
4. Balcony
5. Pet Friendly
6. Fireplace
7. None of the Above

*Multiple Choice Question

For guests, staying connected to the Internet while away is important for a various reasons. Whether it be to help find local restaurants, plan a trip, do business or to stay in touch with those back home, Internet is a must-have for most travelers.

When comparing vacation rentals to hotels, some luxury hotels still do not offer this most valued amenity free of charge. Hotel guests paying up to $500 dollars and above a night for a room still have to pay an extra fee to use the Internet/Wifi during their stay. When you compare that to vacation rentals, a majority of properties offer Internet/Wifi included in the price. On, a whopping 97% of its aggregated vacation rentals listed offer Internet and Wifi included in the final price.

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Which Vacation Rental Amenities Matter To You Most?

# Amenity Females 25-34 Females 35-44
Pool/Hot Tub 50% 37%
2. Internet/WiFi 48% 29%
3. Climate Control 28% 23%
4. Balcony 25% 22%
5. Pet Friendly 18.5% 10%
6. Fireplace 15% 7%
7. None of the Above 18% 34%

Internet/WiFi landed on the #1 most valued amenity for all respondents as a whole, but when taking a closer look at female and male perspectives, there was a clear divide in priorities. Women ages 25-44 years old all agreed a pool and hot tub was their most important vacation rental amenity - above Internet/WiFi and pet-friendly accommodations. The men of all ages (18-65+) all listed Internet/Wifi as their number one most valued amenity, with a pool/hot tub coming in second for all ages groups except 65+, who instead put climate control as their runner up.

Which Vacation Rental Amenities Add The Most Value To A Property?

Similar to how home construction projects increase the price tag to a residential property, different vacation rental amenities add value to the rental and help maximize the owner's business. Most vacation rentals offer basic amenities as part of their final price, however when really broken down, how much value do they add to a rental's dollar amount? has put a dollar amount to the top 10 most valuable amenities to show exactly how much is added to the vacation rental price tag per metro.

Popular Vacation Rental Amenities & Highest Added Value Per Metro

# Amenity City, State Average Dollar Increase
1. Handicap Accessible Nantucket, MA $156
2. Hot Tub Miami, FL $81
3. Balcony Nantucket, MA $67
4. Climate Control San Francisco, CA $64
5. Pool Los Angeles, CA $60
6. Fireplace Los Angeles, CA
7. Washing Machine New York, NY $37
8. Internet/WiFi Phoenix, AZ $36
9. Pet Friendly Chicago, IL $33
10. Views Phoenix, AZ $30
11. Deck/Patio New York, NY $26
12. Parking Myrtle Beach, FL $15

The amenity that adds the most value is a handicap accessible option, primarily in the Nantucket, MA area. Travelers seeking a handicap accessible vacation rental in the popular North Eastern vacation destination can expect to pay an average of $156 dollars more than other rentals.

For vacation rental owners and hosts, this information can help with the marketing of a property, as well as dictate any property improvements that could help maximize an owner's income.

Guests looking to save some cash during their travels can keep in mind what unused amenities may be adding cost to the rental's total.

Below are the most popular amenities that add the greatest value or highest premium for travelers in 29 popular vacation destinations.

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Average of Price Increase

Atlanta Hot Tub $65.85
Climate Control $48.89
Views $30.91
Austin Balcony $47.88
Hot Tub $47.79
Handicap $157.44
Boston Handicap $30.35
Pool $29.45
Washing Machine $29.13
Charleston Kitchen $45.46
Television $35.59
Fireplace $32.8
Chicago Pool $56.97
Pets $33.34
Television $25.44
Daytona Beach Hot Tub $15.83
Climate Control $14.34
Views $9.83
Denver Handicap $47.52
Television $23.41
Washing Machine $17.85
Fort Lauderdale Handicap $29.59
Fireplace $25.45
Balcony $24.3
Honolulu Internet $14.45
Hot Tub $12.91
Balcony $8.10
Las Vegas Handicap $34.09
Fireplace $28.08
Hot Tub $26.41
Los Angeles Pool $60.3
Kitchen $55.42
Fireplace $43.49
Miami Beach Hot Tub $81.26
Balcony $49.94
Washing Machine $15.80
Myrtle Beach Parking $15.04
Hot Tub $13.91
Climate Control $7.80
Nantucket Balcony $66.86
Kitchen $55.27
Views $26.80
Nashville Handicap $85.65
Washing Machine $30.17
Balcony $27.91
New Orleans Handicap $93.46
Kitchen $49.36
Pool $36.99
New York City Handicap $42.73
Washing Machine $37.42
Kitchen $31.88
Orlando Fireplace $23.42
Pets $10.74
Pool $10.34
Panama City Beach Climate Control $10.87
Parking $10.32
Pool $8.98
Park City Kitchen $31.62
Hot Tub $28.43
Climate Control $18.72
Phoenix Handicap $52.90
Internet $35.98
Kitchen $26.46
Portland Handicap $35.34
Hot Tub $14.78
Washing Machine $13.01
Salt Lake City Handicap $49.74
Kitchen $28.63
Hot Tub $15.15
San Diego Pool $20.76
Pets $15.35
Television $12.26
San Francisco Climate Control $64.19
Hot Tub $19.91
Balcony $18.14
Santa Fe Deck $23.64
View $6.78
Kitchen $6.65
Seattle Handicap $28.61
Hot Tub $9.28
Balcony $8.57
South Lake Tahoe Climate Control $30.65
Hot Tub $12.99
Views $9.37
West Palm Beach Television $51.12
Handicap $35.05
Pool $31.10