There are a variety of fees associated with booking and listing on Airbnb. This article outlines what fees guests should expect when reserving a space on Airbnb as well as what hosts should expect to pay once their space is booked. From Airbnb's service fees to security deposits, we've covered all the bases.

Airbnb Service Fees

The host and guest service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal, which excludes all service fees. Since Airbnb's system only processes whole numbers, the fee will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

For Hosts

Airbnb charges hosts a 3% fee, which will be taken out of the reservation subtotal. Value-added tax (VAT), a form of consumption tax, may be added on top of the 3% service fee, depending on the listing's location. Airbnb will present this VAT fee, if applicable, upon completing the reservation.

For Guests

Airbnb charges guests a 5% - 15% fee whenever a reservation is completed to cover company costs. As noted, the guest service fee varies depending on the cost of the subtotal. The more expensive the subtotal, the lower the percentage the service fee.

The service fee will not be processed until the host accepts the booking request. If the guest cancels the reservation, the service fee will not be refunded. If the host cancels the reservation, the guest can be refunded.

Airbnb Security Deposit

Security deposits help protect hosts from mishaps that occur during a reservation. They are optional on Airbnb and are set by hosts for an amount between $100 and $5,000 USD under 'pricing settings'. Airbnb notes that they might be able to allow for larger deposits for certain reservations.

For Hosts

How much money should I set the deposit for?

Ultimately, it is totally up to you as the host. Some hosts set the deposit to be 10% of the reservation subtotal while others set it to be 50%. If your rental is filled with valuables, expensive furniture and artwork, then you might want to set it to be more.

How do I make a claim for the security deposit on Airbnb?

The Airbnb host has 48 hours upon the guest's checkout to make a claim for any damages that occurred during the reservation. Hosts must provide Airbnb with documentation of the damages. Such documentation can include photos and video footage of the damage and can be accompanied by receipts and written estimates to evaluate its cost. The hosts may then alert the guest of the claim using Airbnb's Resolution Center.

For Guests

How do I respond to a host's request to collect part or all of the deposit?

Guests may choose to accept or disagree with the claim and should respond to the host within 48 hours. To disagree with the claim, guests should click the 'Involve Airbnb' button in the Resolution Center and inform Airbnb of why the claim is invalid.

What should I do if the property is damaged when I arrive?

If property damage is visible upon your arrival, make sure to document it by taking pictures and notes. Taking time to document such damage can help protect you.

Airbnb Cleaning Fee

The cleaning fee is a one-time fee that is nonrefundable to guests. On Airbnb, hosts have the option to require one or not and choose its amount.

The cleaning fee is included in the price displayed in search results so that Airbnb users can get a better idea of the cost to reserve each listing. Guests see the nightly rate and the cleaning fee listed separately before submitting a reservation request.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting the cleaning fee:

  • Size of rental
  • Total number of bedrooms, beds, and bathrooms
  • Number of amenities that require additional cleaning and attention, like a hot tub or large lawn
  • Cost of living in the local market

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