San Diego, the 8th largest city in the U.S., is known for its beautiful beaches, incredible weather, world-renowned cuisine, and much more. If you're traveling to San Diego this summer, Tripping is here to make sure you don't miss any of the city's greatest landmarks.

San Diego Mission

Built in 1808 by Spanish friar Junipero Serra, San Diego Mission is the oldest mission in California. The mission's signature Spanish-influenced architecture inspired future Franciscan missions as well as architecture throughout the southwestern United States. While many visitors come simply to admire the mission's architecture and surrounding garden area, it is also a fully operational Catholic Church.

Lego Land

Opened in 1999 as the first Lego theme park outside of Europe, San Diego's Lego Land attracts over 2 million Lego enthusiasts each year. Some of the park's many attractions include Miniland USA, a 1:20 scale model of major American cities, Lego Land Water Park, and various themed areas. Throughout the park you'll find incredible Lego statues, mascots, and souvenir shops. Though the park may be more catered to kids and families, everyone can find something to enjoy at one of America's most unique amusement parks.

San Diego Zoo

Consistently rated as one of the top Zoos in the world, the San Diego Zoo attracts over 5 million visitors each year to its world-class animal exhibitions and shows. Panda Trek, one of four giant panda exhibits in the United States, is perhaps the zoo's most visited sites. Other popular exhibits include an aviary containing 45 different species of rainforest birds, a 2.5-acre elephant habitat, and a monkey exhibit that resembles African and Asian rainforest habitats. With over 650 different species to its name, the number of options you'll have at the San Diego Zoo are endless!

Balboa Park

Balboa Park, a 1200-acre urban park in San Diego, is home to 19 beautiful gardens, 17 world-class museums, delicious restaurants, and much more. Thousands of tourists and locals alike visit Balboa Park every day of the year to take in the park's beautiful scenery and spend quality time with family and friends.

Belmont Park at Mission Beach

Belmont Park is a restored amusement park from the 1920s on San Diego's beloved Mission Beach. The most popular attraction at the park is the Giant Dipper wooden roller-coaster, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since the park doesn't charge an entry admission, visitors can come and go as they please to enjoy the incredible Mission Beach and surrounding boardwalk. There really isn't a better place to live the Californian lifestyle than at Belmont Park.

This post was written by Hogan Bradford, Tripping Blogger.