Mendenhall Ice Caves (Juneau, Alaska, USA)

Underneath the 12-mile-long glacier in Juneau, Alaska lies an absolutely stunning cave system. Though a majority of the cave is too deep for access, over half a million visitors come every year to explore the small part of the cave that they can. The cave is most impressive when the sun shines through the ice from above, illuminating the entire space with a soft blue light.

Fly Ranch Geyser (Fly Ranch, Nevada, USA)

Located in Fly Ranch, Nevada, the Fly Ranch Geyser was created accidentally when a man-made well started depositing a variety of minerals and accumulating them into a mound. The geyser's rainbow color is its most defining trait.

Naica Mine (Chihuahua, Mexico)

Though Naica Mine is used commercially for its zinc, silver, and lead deposits, its most interesting feature is the presence of enormous selenite crystals throughout the mine. Unfortunately, you won't be able to visit the Naica Mine unless you're a worker there. However, you'll be thankful that professionals have been able to take breathtaking photos for all of us to admire.

Caño Cristales River (Meta Department, Colombia)

Known as the “River of Five Colors", the Caño Cristales River is an incredible multi-colored river in Meta Department, Colombia. The most prominent color is red, but you can see bright patches of yellow, green, blue, and black throughout the river as well. If you plan on making a visit, it's reported that the best time of year to see the river is between July and December.

Waitomo Glow Worm Caves (Waitomo, New Zealand)

Located in Waitomo on the North Island of New Zealand, the Waitomo glow worm caves attract visitors from all over the world to admire the large glow worm population inside. When visiting, you'll be able to take a boat tour through the dark cave guided only by the soft white light given off by the worms. It is easily one of the most accessible and beautiful natural wonders in the world.

This post was written by Hogan Bradford, Tripping Blogger.