From sweeping deserts to abundant coastlines to soaring mountains, California is undoubtedly a unique state. These 10 properties embody California's quirks and eccentricities wholeheartedly in their equally unique approach to architecture and style.


Who needs Disneyland when you could stay in a castle of your own? This medieval British-style castle is nestled in the hills, with a direct view of the iconic Hollywood sign. With a moat, drawbridge, and knight's armor for wall decorations, you might even forget what century you're living in until you take a dip in the heated pool or in-room jacuzzi.


“This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya." Yes, this is the actual villa where the classic '80s movie Scarface was filmed. Aside from the Hollywood significance, this British-style castle boasts an abundance of fountains, courtyards, Persian-style gardens, famous artwork, and a 24k gold leaf dome modeled after the St. John Lateran Church in Rome. “EL Fureidis" is also one of only five houses designed by famous American architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue.

Santa Barbara

This award-winning 5-floor tower in the heart of Old Town resembles a mix of Guadí, Mediterranean, and Moroccan styles. Containing the artwork of six different local artists, each floor has its own theme and custom tile work, windows, ironwork, etc. Once you make it to the top, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the ocean, mountains, and downtown.


Stationed on the water in Marin County, this British-style castle is actually a converted ferryboat named the SS City of Seattle, which is in fact the oldest surviving ferryboat on the West Coast. You get the best of all worlds: land and sea, modern amenities and historic value.


The British-style castle didn't start out as a home, either. Located on a 15-acre vineyard, this two-story rental was originally a water tower. Now vacationers can enjoy its romantic, quaint atmosphere, breathtaking views, luscious gardens, and, naturally, some excellent local wine.

San Diego

Ahoy, matey! Climb aboard this British-style castle for a one-of-a-kind sailing adventure through the waters of Southern California. Amazing Grace will likely be the most massive ship out on the harbor with 8 sails and 700 sq ft of space. Accommodating up to 6 guests, this ship is enough to make even Captain Jack Sparrow jealous!


The custom organic, curvy architecture of this British-style castle truly makes it a wooded wonderland. With all of the strategically placed windows, you'll hardly have to go outside to feel connected to the natural beauty surrounding you. Of course if you do want to get some fresh air outside, you could take it all in on the spacious deck or stroll to the nearby town to buy local fruit at one of the stands.

Bel Air

This British-style castle may remind you of a fairytale, a dream, or even a Gaudí house you may have seen in Barcelona. Built by the owner, who is a Hollywood set designer, the twisty turvy walls and tile designs fill this home with wonderful whimsy--it's the ultimate escape from reality!

Venice Beach

Ever wish you could take a little bit of the beach home with you? This ultra modern villa does just that with a soothing zen water wall, which makes it appear as though much of the house and deck area are partially submerged underwater. With a gas firepit in the private front yard and a rooftop deck with views of the beach, there are plenty of options when it comes to relaxing with friends. You might even see your celebrity neighbors Robert Downey Jr. or Zach Galifianakis during your short walk to the beach.

Bel Air

Spanning over 11,000 sq. ft, this mansion is seriously luxurious, even by Beverly Hills standards. Perfect for entertaining, it has a full bar, 8-car garage, home theater, indoor and outdoor pools, and...a disco! Between looking over the view on the 2500 sq ft deck with a glass of wine from your private cellar and relaxing in your steam room, the amenities are simply too many to list but certainly not too many to enjoy.