Our Favorite Adventure Stumbles

Mountain Biker vs. Antelope in South Africa You remember that MTV show called Jackass? Well this is kind of like that in terms of the "yowza!!!" factor, only no dumb asses were actually injured. The guy on the bike is wearing a helmet, which incidentally saved his little noggin - and from what I can tell the antelope was a-okay. Note to self: always watch for antelope when biking across their turf.

[embed width="500" height="400"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2oymHHyV1M&feature=player_embedded[/embed]

10 Impossibly Amazing Trips of a Lifetime (Jason Wire, Matador Network) Amazing adventures that are fun to dream about from the comforts of your armchair or cubicle. Example: Traversing the Deserts of Egypt: "Few places are left in the world that have yet to be mapped, but not even bedouin nomads are interested in venturing too far out into this part of the Sahara." The photos make you want - at least for a split second - to throw caution to the winds and set off on an adrenaline-soaked journey

Adventure Travel 101 (Debra Corbeil, ThePlanetD) It's hard to believe, but Canadian Adventure Couple Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD were not always so adventurous. Gasp! They started out with a trip to Thailand in 2000 and since then have made adventure a way of life. Takeaway: whether traveling or at home, always try new things because who knows - that indoor rock climbing class you sign up for this week may lead to your rock climbing in Thailand next year.

One of the Greatest Roman Cities You've Probably Never Heard Of - Jerash(Matt Long, LandLopers) Magnificent pictures, a good dose of historical knowledge (at trivia night you will know that Jerash was destroyed by a quake in in A.D. 749) and humor. Our favorite quotes: "Celsius befuddles me, but it was somewhere between really hot and surface of the sun balmy." "My amazement at Jerash though didn't change the weather, and the heat was still melting asphalt and causing small animals to spontaneously combust." Judging from the photos, it was worth braving spontaneous combustion.

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