One Winning Photo, Two Tickets to Anywhere in the World

The most popular photo in our Trip to Anywhere contest won a Tripper named Tina two tickets to anywhere in the world! Here's the story behind the winning picture.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tina and I currently live and work in Seattle. I LOVE Travel and am passionate about inspiring others to travel as I believe that its the best way to learn about the world and ourselves.

Take us behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the winning photo.

I wanted to take a unique photo and incorporate local elements of the location. I took the photo in the Bahamas. The Bahamas was an amazing setting to take the photo with its beautiful beaches, sands, turquoise waters and underwater life, but it wasn't easy getting the shot!

My boyfriend and I spent the day snorkeling and saw there was a lot of underwater life we could include in the shot. From colorful corral reefs, sting rays, lobsters, and fishes we tried to get a shot that incorporated it all, but it was just too hard. We ended up drifting to a corral that had a lot of fish and for some reason they were all attracted to my bright yellow flippers! Before I knew it I was surrounded by a dozen fish and they weren't scared of me it was more like I was a afraid of them! Luckily my boyfriend had the camera and took a few shots that captured me swimming with them, and voila! the winning photo was born!

Who are you taking with you on the trip?

Although I've trekked the world - 6 continents and 30 countries to date - I did not want to accept the prize to add a +1 to my list of countries visited. I wanted to give the opportunity of travel to my parents, especially my mom. And so I will be taking my mom with me on this trip.

The question we're all dying to know: Where are you going?

Oh man this is such a difficult decision and everyone keeps asking me, but I honest don't know yet! I Initially told my mom she could choose, but since she hasn't traveled internationally in a long time we'll need help deciding!

I personally would like to explore regions of the middle east like Israel or Jordan. I've always been fascinated with the region's culture, history, and people!

My friends across the travel community have suggested I explore Antarctica so I can dance with penguins and cross of continent #7 off my bucket list ;)

My mom has had her eye on visiting the Oceania region and finds New Zealand a great destination for both relaxation and adventure.

For me, it doesn't really matter where we go. The most important thing is being able to share this experience with my parents.

Help Tina decide where to go in the comments. Connect with her via her Tripping profile and follow her travel adventures on her blog.