Budget Friendly Bars in Paris

If there's one thing that will make your money disappear faster than investing with Bernie Madoff, it's traveling. And if the statistics about Paris being one of the most expensive cities in the world are giving you hesitations about a night out on the town, don't worry, because the city isn't just reserved for jet setters and celebrities looking for glitz and glamour. For the rest of us looking for affordable options, bars in Paris are about as diverse as its population (which is very). We at Party Earth have also found that the cheapest bars in the city are also some of the rowdiest and liveliest around. So we did some penny-pinching of our own, and found our favorite budget friendly options in Paris, where the character and the people were as likeable as the prices.

The Highlander

The Highlander is an authentic Scottish pub hidden down an alleyway in Saint Germaine that always attracts an energetic crowd of ex pats, students, and travelers. The two-story venue has the wood paneling and ironclad lighting of a traditional pub, and an appropriately extensive selection of aged whiskeys, dark, frothy beers, and ridiculously cheap shots. Patrons file in for the rugby and football matches played on the TVs, but the real attraction is their basement, a raucous drinking den with medieval weapons and shields adorning the walls and even a small dance floor. It's one of the few bars in Paris that stays open till 5am (with slashed prices after 2), making the no-frills Highlander a fun alternative to the late-night clubs in the city.

Au P'tit Garage

This punk rock bar in Oberkampf, which as the name suggests, has been converted from a garage, is a favorite hangout for hipsters looking for loud music and affordable beers. A bare décor of graffiti, posters, and bottles doesn't stop the alternative crowds from packing into this dive for the rare punk tunes, although there is a backroom that provides a cozy respite from the hectic bar. For those who don't mind a little noise, check out Au P'tit Garage, and don't forget to chat with the bartenders for some quick history lessons in rock.

The Fifth Bar

There aren't many places where you can find beer pong in Paris (or anywhere in Europe), but The Fifth Bar in the Latin Quarter prides itself on providing casual debauchery with drinking games, theme nights, and, according to them, the cheapest happy hour in Paris. The little Irish bar brings in a mostly English-speaking crowd of young partygoers that throw back tall mugs amidst the year-round Halloween décor or descend into the dungeon-themed basement to mingle over cocktails. We at Party Earth have never met an Irish bar we didn't like, but throw in the house party vibes of the Fifth Bar and you are guaranteed to have a good time – all that's missing are the keg stands – but you can always ask…

Le Sans Souci

Le Sans Souci is an ultra hip French bar in the bustling Pigalle distract that brings in a trendy mix of young bohemians with booze and wine prices that are easy on the eyes. By day you'll find professionals cooling off with a beer and fashionable Parisians toasting champagne, but the classic dive really kicks things off at night. Cool youngsters and pre-clubbers pop bottles within the white walls and tall windows, eventually spilling out onto the patio for cigarettes and conversation. Even though the vibe is casual, it can be a good idea to dress up for Le Sans Souci, because drunken conversations with a tempting someone can quickly lead into a night of dancing at the club across the street.

This was a guest post by Party Earth,a global media and entertainment company that features reviews, editorials, and listings of the best bars, clubs, festivals, concerts, events, and more in major cities around the world.