Wondering what to put in your carry on luggage? Follow these pro tips from flight attendant Kevin Burrows at American Airlines. He has carry on packing down to a science.

What you have in your carry on luggage can really make or break your trip. I have seven carry on items that I think are essential to your stress free travel, and honestly these seven items will save your sanity no matter the situation. Traveling by air can be complicated, because so many things can happen. From weather to delays, you always wanted to be prepared. Especially when flying long hauls, these suggestions will help you get through any flight. Comfort is key for me. Happy flying!

1. Multi-functional carry on luggage - I use the travel pro gadget bag and it’s truly amazing. It has three zippered pockets, a lot of hidden storage (for your passport and money), a laptop/ipad padded pocket, and a strap to carry it. It also has spots for your pens and notebooks, and bigger compartments to carry toiletries. When I fly I pack all my essentials here that you cannot go a day without, which is my suggestion just in case the airline loses your checked luggage. Remember to never check your keys, money, or medicine.


2. iPad - I never leave my house without my iPad. Almost every airport has free wi-fi now, so this could really save you from a boring delay. It’s also very lightweight and can be used for all your travel needs. A lot of airlines now have free movie streaming, so this a perfect way to pass time by on your flight.


3. Food - When traveling you can’t just count your flight time. You have to remember a lot goes into play when you’re trying to get from point A to point B. From getting to the airport, to waiting in line at security, to all your layovers, it usually takes up most of your day. With that being said, you don’t want to rely on airplane food. Make sure you pack whatever food you want, and yes, you can take it through security. You just have to follow the liquid rule, which no liquid can exceed 3oz. Also, some flights don't even offer food depending on the route and mileage. Also keep in mind that airport food is very expensive. Plan accordingly.


4. Documents - The most important thing to remember in any air travel situation is your identification. You literally cannot get through security without it. Everything else is a hassle, but doable. Make sure you have any form of government issued ID (I always bring 2) your boarding passes, credit cards, and cash (other currencies if traveling abroad). I suggested you get a wallet to keep everything together. I also put all my important documents in a scan-proof wallet so nobody can scan my numbers and steal my identity. It’s more popular overseas.


5. External Phone Charger - Sadly, a lot of airports are limited on their outlets, therefore it’s likely your phone will die. Also sadly a lot of older airplanes don’t have outlets, so again, it’s likely your phone will die. I always carry an good external battery that lasts for days. It honestly stays charged forever, and I charge all my devices with it. It's small, lightweight, and it can really save you in a pickle. Here are some great suggestions.


6. A jacket - It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the summer, airplanes are SO COLD! Even the airports. Trust me, it's kind of like the movies. You never want to travel without a jacket. Even if you use it as a blanket, I can assure you that at one point you will be cold. The flight crew has heavy wool uniforms and like the cabin to be kept cold, so trust me when I say BRING A JACKET!


7. Book - Even if it's your kindle, a book will seriously pass the time away. This will give your eyes a break from staring at a screen. Its nice to have a good old fashioned hard copy. Honestly this is the perfect time to read something you’ve always wanted to read, but had no time for.

This article was written by Kevin Burrows.