From among the thousands, our friends at Owner Direct have curated a list of ten live property listings that are, well, just plain cool. Whatever your travel style, these are sure to elevate your desire to travel. So sit back, relax, and start planning your next dream vacation!

Head To These 10 Owner Direct Rentals For Your Next Family Vacation

1. Converted Venetian Olive Oil Factory (Est. 1426) in Crete

Built in 1426, this 5,400 square foot beauty was once an olive oil factory. It might be hard to leave when your time is up. Sleeps up to 12 occupants.

2. Cave House in Greece’s Cycladic Islands

When we look at this Greek property, we just think “getaway.” A very cool property and minutes from a number of very cool-looking beaches! Also, the cave-like rooms remind me of the house Luke Skywalker grew up in.

3. Rotating House in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Yes! A rotating house! The circular house rotates a full 360º over the course of the day, allowing all four rental suites within to get an ocean view for part of the day. Check out the link to see more photos, including a cool little infographic about the house.

4. Luxurious Ski Chalet

This posh ski resort caught our eye. Personally we think we would feel a bit out of our element here… It looks like something out of a Hollywood movie!

5. “Castle” in Peachland, BC, Canada

Not a true castle, but definitely charming and unique! Looks like somewhere to really unwind.

6. Historic Holiday Home in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

The title for this listing reads, “Dream of Going Back in Time?” Both the interior and exterior definitely feel like a very well kept time-warp experience.

7. Picturesque Mountain Log Home in Canmore, Alberta, Canada

The title on this listing reads, “This House Defines Mountain Living.” Whether or not that is the case, this picture-perfect home is certainly perfectly at home nestled in a striking Rocky Mountain setting. We’re sure there a lot of people that would just love to have a vacation experience like this.

8. Traditional 18th-Century Farmhouse in Montcuq, France

Okay, we just want to straight-up live here. Love the bedrooms!! Guessing the pool is not from the 18th century? :-)

9. Gorgeous 10 Bedroom Traditional Mexican Villa

Another property that looks straight out of a Hollywood movie. Each room is beautiful and classy, somehow without being “snooty.”

10. Neat Little Cabin in Shuswap Region of BC, Canada

This cute, tucked away little property has five beds, including a charming little indoor “birdhouse” with two child-sized beds, and a tiny heated and powered outbuilding called a “Pod” that has a queen sized bed inside. Rustic and charming, and close to lots of outdoor activities.

The thing that we at Owner Direct love about all these listings is that they are more than just properties -- they just seem like great vacation spots as is. The beautiful accommodations are just the icing on the cake and help highlight the natural surrounding culture and beauty.