5 Reasons to Visit Split, Croatia

Split is the kind of city that sells itself, but if you are a pedantic traveller, or perhaps a little bit hesitant about this “lesser known" city, then keep on reading. This article is dedicated to giving you 5 reasons to visit Split, Croatia – it is broad spectrum and aimed at pleasing every demographic, but at the end of the day, once you arrive you will not need any more convincing.

Split is A Gateway

Even if you do not intend to visit Split for everything that it has to offer, then it can be a useful stepping stone to get into Europe, particularly the Dalmatian region. Thanks to its prime location, Split is a hub for transport, from cars, trains, planes, and boats. This effectively means that it is the ideal home base for a full on European expedition. Add to this the fact that the climate is temperate and the city is as old and beautiful as they come. Odds are you will end up falling in love with Split itself, but even if you don't intend to stay, it will be a useful port of call.


There are literally hundreds of quotes about the importance of looking back into history so that we can move forward. Split is an ancient town, founded by the Romans, that is remarkably well preserved. What this means is that the town and surrounding areas are literally peppered with ruins that are close to 2000 years old. Visitors to the town often become overwhelmed with a sense of history as they roam the streets. Taking in the historically important sites requires a holiday dedicated to history.

Natural Beauty

In terms of geography alone, Split stands out. The unique combination of rolling hills, the ocean, forests, and a great climate make it a true gem in the European crown. The best way to enjoy these amazing sights is through the windows of a plane on a panoramic flight, and exciting alternative for those who have grown tired of hiking, camping and picnics.


Split is known for having one of the most vibrant party scenes in Europe. A unique combination of bars, clubs, live bands and performances will entice you to party after a few quiet café drinks. The culture is fairly liberal, and people are very relaxed. And because Split is a lesser known destination, there is not the flood of raucous tourists.


Croatian culture is about relaxing, getting in touch with art, and expanding your list of experiences. There are literally hundreds of galleries and exhibitions on at any time. Again, sitting in a café watching the world go by is also a great option.

The vibe in Split is difficult to place, but one thing is for sure, there is an endless list of reasons to come over and visit. Take the plunge and prepare for adventure.

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