When travelers hit the road, take to the skies, or set sail for their next adventure, they’ll need a safe, cushy place to rest their heads. And that’s where you come in, since you can rent your home to travelers in need of accommodation, and make money at the same time.

But once your guests arrive, then what? Surely they’ll need a way to get around. Whether it’s an island getaway, a rustic country retreat, or a bustling city expedition, travelers often need cars not only to get them from point A to point B, but also to explore all the hidden routes betwixt and between. And that’s where you could come in too, by renting out your car.

Hospitality in today’s share-everything world extends far beyond accommodation. Nowadays, people can share travel experiences, restaurant recommendations, and even cars. Car sharing marketplaces like RelayRides open up fresh possibilities for folks in the sharing community to further bolster their income and create even more value for travelers.

Whether you have a vacation rental or not, you can sign up with RelayRides to connect with locals in need of a car and start earning money.

Why Rent Out Your Car: Three Reasons from RelayRides

1. Augment Your Home Sharing Income

When you’re not at your vacation home, what’s happening with your car? Does it just sit still gathering dust? By renting your car to visitors, you can put it to better use and bolster your income even more. In fact, the average RelayRides owner last month earned $600.

2. Show Travelers Even More Local Hospitality

Travelers book your home not only for the value, but also for the comfort and authentic experience of living like a local for a little while. Giving them the option to book your car as well gives them not only the mobility they need to go explore, but also a glimpse into the authentic local experience. Whether you have a slick BMW or a family-friendly minivan, tooling around town in a local’s car rather than a generic subcompact from the rental agency will add to their experience immeasurably.

3. Earn Money Worry Free

Your vacation rental is protected from damage and liability, and your car is no different. RelayRides screens each renter and insures each rental up to $1 million, so owners can rest easy that their cars are in good hands.

Hospitality is way more than providing a commodity; it’s about making guests feel comfortable and safe, and giving them a relaxing and worry-free experience. Renting out your car not only gives you the obvious benefit of extra income, but also supports the traveling community.

Final Thoughts:

You know why they’re visiting your town – probably for the exact same reasons why you bought a home there. Welcome travelers to your community with open arms – and put them in the driver’s seat to explore the highways, byways, and back roads from a local’s perspective.

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This article was written by RelayRides and edited by Tripping.com Content Specialist, Lexi Perman.

Hero Image Credit: Riku Lu