You might be surprised to know that there’s nothing wrong with a lazy gardener. While I love pretty flower pots and a beautiful yard, I don’t like doing it when it feels too much like work.

One benefit of having been a professional organizer is always looking for an easier way to do just about everything—including gardening. You’ve heard the saying there is a right tool for every job, and that is true with gardening as well. No matter if I’m at home or getting a vacation rental ready, I’ve learned using the right tools and being able to find what I need keeps gardening fun and less strenuous.

Use These 7 Gardening Must-Haves To Stay Organized

1. Gardening Cart

Since I’m not about to drive my car over the lawn or flower beds, having a cart saves me from breaking my back. I use it to move mulch from one spot to another. It’s also handy for picking up sticks after a storm or moving a pile of shrub clippings. They tend to be sturdy and not as likely to tip over.

2. Two-Wheel Dolly

Large flower pots are easy to maintain—just not to move. As the seasons change or I rearrange the front porch or back deck, I tend to move pots around in different groupings. This wouldn’t be possible without a two-wheel dolly, also called a hand truck. You can easily slip the dolly under the bottom of the container and roll your plants to a new location for more sun or shade.

3. Adjustable Rake

A rake that changes dimensions is just the ticket to my organized heart. With the move of a lever, the tines on an adjustable rake become wider or very narrow. This allows me to adjust it to slip between shrubs and around flowers in the bed. I can carefully gather debris without snagging a favorite plant.

4. Hanging Garden Tool Storage System

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find something in a jumble of tools—plus, it’s a safety hazard. This is especially important to note if you keep your gardening tools handy at your rental property. Storing them up on a wall, out of the way, keeps anyone from tripping over them. As a gardener, it makes it so much easier to quickly grab what I need for fast raking or tidying of the yard.

5. Dedicated Gardening Storage

Gardening supplies need to be as easy to get to as your hanging tools. From containers of fertilizer to rose spray or pest control, there always seems to be something you want to keep handy. Using shelves or cabinets dedicated to all your gardening things makes the job simpler. My shelves contain extra flower pots, seed packets, sprinkler parts, hose nozzles, gloves and gardening clogs. It’s a good idea to keep hazardous items and chemicals in a locked cabinet.

6. Pruners

Pruners are the very first tool I pick up when I head outside. Whether I am doing full-on yard work or just a tidy-up of spent blooms, they are in my hand. Choose a good pair of pruners with a sharp blade. Make sure to wipe them off after each use to remove sticky sap and store them away dry.

7. Bucket for Clippings

A five-gallon bucket with a handle is a terrific way to save steps. If I’m doing a ton of yard work, out comes my cart. If I’m just weeding a bed or deadheading flowers, the bucket is much easier. It can hold my pruners, gardening scissors and gloves. As I work, it holds the debris I have picked up. If you pick up a bucket with a lid, you can also use it to sit on as you work on pots or weeding.

A couple of simple tips will also save you time, steps and energy:

  • Choose good quality gardening tools.
  • Don’t use your back when you can use a tool like a cart.
  • Store all your garden tools and supplies in one organized location.

Take the time to get organized and make your favorite hobby much easier!

Professional organizational expert Lea Schneider writes tips about gardening, organization and home decor for Home Depot. For a variety of storage and gardening tools, see offerings on the Home Depot website.