Springtime means its time to dust away all traces of winter and spruce up your property for rental season. Whether you want to give your rental a deep cleaning or jazz up the interior to give it that extra special touch, here are 10 tips to get your spring cleaning underway.

Follow These 10 Easy Tips To Spring Clean Your Vacation Rental

1. Out with the old

If you’re considering keeping that old toilet brush, those threadbare linens or old welcome mat for another season – take this time to start fresh! Toss out the old, especially if you’re in doubt. No one wants to see months-old sponges or towels that have clearly seen better days in their rental. While you’re on your cleaning spree, scan the premises for objects that scream “old!” It may be time to invest in some replacements.

2. Wash, not dust knickknacks

Instead of just dusting your knickknacks (figurines, jewelry dishes, etc.), wash them. They’ll stay clean longer, and you’ll remove all the buildup caught in the crevices. To clean anything made of china, class, plastic or metal, immerse the items in warm water plus a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Use a thin cotton sock as a cleaning mitt, or a toothbrush to get into the crevices. Rinse the items well with fresh water, and dry with a clean cloth. For an even quicker clean, you can run your knickknacks through the dishwasher on the lowest setting. But only those that can withstand the machine!

3. Look for signs of pests

As you get to all the nooks and crannies of your rental, you can keep an eye out for signs of pests. If you see dead insects, it could mean there are a lot more hiding where you can’t see them. This might be a problem if you find large groupings of dead bugs, or if you find them in multiple areas. Damage on the walls could be a sign of wood-boring insects. Look for cracks, bubbling or peeling paint, a possible sign of insects living beneath the wall surface. If you find insect droppings around, it’s time to call in the pest control specialists. Don’t try to clean it up yourself; droppings can transmit viruses if not disposed of properly.

4. If it has a surface, it can be cleaned

Any surface can, and should be, cleaned. This goes for doorknobs, light switches, door frames and even the walls. Give everything a good wipe-down. All surfaces, no matter how clean they look, can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Any surface that can be touched should also come into contact with a disinfectant wipe during your cleaning spree.

5. Add small knickknacks

While you’re cleaning, consider what personal touches you can add to make your renter feel more at home. Having a jewelry dish out could come in handy for female travelers. Or a display of figurines could add a touch of whimsy to your vacation rental.

6. Clean the outside

The first thing renters are going to see is the outside of the property. It’s not a bad idea to hose down the patio, walkway, maybe even the outside of the house. If your property needs a paint job, maybe now’s the time to get it done. If your walkway is lined with a bunch of dead plants, it’s time to do some gardening as well. A good first impression is key, and it’s better to give off quaint cottage vibes than haunted house ones.

7. Jazz up the entryway

Once the outside of the property is in tip-top shape, it’s not a bad idea to add some personal touches outside of the rental as well. Hang up some wind chimes or a potted plant. Add a welcome mat if you don’t already have one. Small electronic lanterns to light up the walkway are also a welcoming touch. Getting your guests to feel welcome is key, and that all starts on their walk up to the front door.

8. De-stink the fridge

There’s nothing worse than seeing remnants of previous guests’ food inside the fridge, or even getting a whiff of what might have been. If the fridge starts to smell, the best way to get rid of the odor is to deep clean the inside and outside. Remove everything from the inside, scrub down the shelves, take the drawers out to soak. Wipe down the space underneath the drawers, and don’t forget the rubber seal and the outer surfaces. Since it’s iffy to use chemicals around food, dissolve half a cup of baking soda in a basin of warm water to scrub down the fridge. For an extra shine, use a mix of half white vinegar and half water. And to keep the fridge odor free, keep natural odor removers, such as an open box of baking soda, a dish of coffee grounds, a cup of white vinegar or even a bowl of oats inside!

9. Clean the drains

Whether you’re a believer in the hot water plus baking soda and vinegar trick or a chemical drain cleaner, take this chance to give the drain a good rinse. Your guests will appreciate a drain that doesn’t have a mysterious odor permeating the area. Remember to remove any hairs from the bathroom drains, and clean the kitchen drains of any remaining food particles.

10. Don’t forget the vents

Vents and ceiling fans could blow a dusty surprise on your guests if they aren’t cleaned after seasons of non-use. You may have to adjust your cleaning methods depending on the type of circulation system. But in general, first, turn off the power connected to the heating or air conditioning system. Then remove the air duct covers from the walls. Use a brush to clean the grates, or vacuum the dust away. If your system uses filters, check to see if they need to be replaced. Replace and repeat. For ceiling fans, use a cloth (or a pillowcase) to wipe down the top, bottom and sides of the blades.

This article was written by Hanna Choi.