Families make so many memories when they stay in a vacation rental over the summer, so make sure that your house is up to the task. By adding these ten tasteful and inexpensive touches to your rental home, you can make each room even more memorable, and enhance each guest's experience. Try adding these ten easy things to your vacation rental this summer.

Add These 10 Fun Summer Items To Your Vacation Rental This Year

1. The Perfect Iced Coffee

In addition to being a refreshing source of summer caffeine, iced coffee is having a moment. This method makes a smooth, rich brew without the acidic bite. Why not make it easy for your guests to craft their own iced coffee beverages during their stay? The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker gets rave reviews from coffee experts. Or for a cheaper option, try this simple but elegant iced coffee pot from Hario Mizudashi.

2. Summer Accessories

Nothing says summer like sun, sand, and sea. If you’re landlocked, you can still add tropical details to your rental for a tranquil summer vibe. Little accessories can make a big impact, like this fun gold pineapple. Or make a statement with this tropical flora-inspired wallpaper. (You don’t have to commit to an entire room, try one wall at a time for a unique accent that doesn’t overwhelm.) For a temporary option, frame and hang these tropical plant prints.

3. Colorful Outdoor Furniture

Warmer weather and longer days lead to outdoor dining. Help your guests enjoy a morning coffee or backyard dinner with an inviting table and chairs on your patio or porch. If you don’t have the space or budget for a full dining table, a simple bistro table and two chairs will still get the job done. And don’t forget an umbrella, like this chic Pottery Barn option.

4. Mood Lighting

For those lingering dinners and evening glasses of wine, your guests will need some outdoor lighting once the sun goes down. Old fashioned string lights give any outdoor space that Parisian cafe vibe. And you can never go wrong with classic Tiki torches!

5. Summer Blankets

Some nights get chilly even in the summer, so add some cozy throw blankets to your outdoor arsenal. Guests can still enjoy an evening outside, and most blankets transition easily to indoor use. West Elm has everything from light summery options to luxurious faux fur throws, for when a cold snap hits.

6. Fire Pit

Want to add the ultimate outdoor detail for renters? Consider a fire pit. You’ll find a wide range of fireplaces and pits available, like this budget-friendly steel version or a splurge-worthy stone gas fire pit. If you decide against the gas version, don’t forget to have wood on hand! (Or let your guests know where they can get some on their own.)

7. Hammock

If there’s one image of summer relaxation that anyone can relate to, it might be a lazy afternoon nap in a hammock. Provide your guests with this simple escape and set up a hammock for reading, lounging, and snoozing.

8. Ice Cream Maker

Summertime is ice cream time. Guests with kids (or kids at heart) will love the chance to make their own frozen treats and an ice cream maker is an enticing bonus at any vacation rental. (Not just for ice cream lovers, it makes gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet too!)

9. Lawn Games

If your rental home has a yard, lawn games are a great (and inexpensive) way for vacationing families and couples to spend time in the summer. You’ll find a variety of options to meet any budget and space concerns, whether you have an acre of land or a lone strip of grass. (And if storage space is a problem, worry not. You can find games that pack down into an easy-to-store bag or box.) Try bocce ball, beanbag toss, croquet, or badminton.

10. Beautiful Plants

Don’t underestimate the impact of plants. This is another chance to add to your tropical ambiance, maybe with a rubber tree or a monstera deliciosa, otherwise known as the Swiss cheese plant. (Not kidding!) But you don’t have to go tropical. Any greenery makes for an inviting and eye-pleasing summer addition, especially if you’re in a dry, hot climate or a concrete urban jungle.

This article was written by Katie Vaughan.