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Vrbo Customer Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Vrbo does not publish a customer service email address. Instead, Vrbo allows user to get in touch through their contact page online.

Vrbo Phone Number: 1-877-202-4291

According to gethuman.com, the average wait time for callers is 11 mins.

Vrbo Guest and Host Communication

Vrbo users can communicate using HomeAway's messaging feature. This system allows owners and travelers to communicate securely online. Owner and guest emails are sent via an anonymous HomeAway email address, so that Vrbo users do not have to reveal their personal email accounts.

On Vrbo, there are two ways to inquire to the owner: via phone and via email.

How to Call a Vrbo Owner or Manager

  1. Locate the property listing on Vrbo.
  2. Look for the phone number on the right side of the rental's details page. If you do not see a phone number, the owner has not provided one.

How to Email a Vrbo Owner or Manager

  1. Locate the property listing on Vrbo (same step as above).
  2. Click the button to email or message the owner/manager, located on the right side of the listing.
  3. Complete the message form then click 'Send Email'. You'll receive a confirmation email for each inquiry that you send.

Vrbo suggests that if you do not hear back from the rental's owner or manager within 48 hours for you to inquire to more properties.

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Vrbo Help Center

Vrbo's Help center is a great resource for Vrbo users. Upon arriving to Vrbo Help, you'll see a grid of FAQ's, which are divided into two categories: traveler questions and owner/ property manager questions, as shown below.

The main topics on the Vrbo Help page include:

  • Find Book and Stay: This section covers lots of information to help those renting for the first time on Vrbo. Topics covered include renting for the first time, finding and booking a rental, paying for a rental, and reviewing a Vrbo property.
  • Manage a Listing: This section explains a variety of topics to help Vrbo owners and property managers. Topics cover listing on Vrbo, managing payments and calendars, listing photos, rates and listing fees, property reviews, general content management, and Vrbo products and upgrades.
  • Assist your Travelers: This section provides information regarding inquiries and communication between guests and owners, bookings and reservations, payment processing, and reservation management settings.
  • Mobile: This section includes information about the Vrbo mobile app as well as tips for mobile app communications via the HomeAway application, Mobile Hospitality.
  • Login and Account Profile: This section helps Vrbo users with account troubleshooting if a user needs help with logging into their account.
  • Security: This section discusses how to use Vrbo safely, highlighting property protection, identity protection, and secure payment processing.
  • Advertise a Property: Learn Vrbo's listing guidelines, how to list your home, the payments associated with listing and the Vrbo products available to owners and property managers.

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Vrbo Corporate Office Headquarters
HomeAway, Inc.

Suite 300 1011

W. Fifth Street

Austin, TX 78703 United States

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