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Gloveler is the vacation rental company with everything from houses to private rooms and even spare couches. It's also a great resource for family vacations, business trips and the casual culture quest.

Hatched out of a business seminar by three young entrepreneurs in Germany, Gloveler has quickly become an online destination for finding affordable peer-to-peer rentals.

Gloveler- Look smart, stay smart!

Things to Know About Gloveler

  • Hosts can require full payment upon booking or simply a service fee, with the remainder due on arrival.
  • Guests can use PayPal, credit cards or debit cards for online payments.
  • There are no booking fees when guests are staying with a host.

What Others Are Saying About Gloveler

"Local host and traveler personally benefit - besides the advantage of an affordable accommodation - from the human interaction between each other"" -Manager Magazine

"The integrated review system creates transparency and trust for guests and hosts" -Yahoo

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