Savannah, Georgia is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the United States. It’s a great place to explore history, architecture, and Southern cuisine with your family. Book a stay at one of numerous Savannah vacation rentals to have easy access to noteworthy family-friendly eateries. These restaurants are in the most historic sections of town, as well as on the waterfront, and feature offerings such as fried green tomatoes and peach cobbler. Take your family to these kid-friendly Savannah restaurants, and enjoy the delicious dishes and renowned Southern hospitality.

1. The Pirate’s House

The Pirate’s House has kids’ menus that turn into pirate hats, and you may spot a pirate roaming outside the restaurant. This Savannah landmark has been around since 1753, and enjoying the architecture is just as much fun as enjoying its family-friendly atmosphere.

2. The Funky Brunch Cafe

When you need a hearty breakfast or lunch before heading out to explore Savannah, take the family to The Funky Brunch Cafe. This laid-back cafe has outdoor seating so you can enjoy Savannah’s fabulous weather, and they offer pancake toppings that make kids look forward to eating. The griddles on the indoor tables let people flip their own pancakes to add to the fun.

3. The 5 Spot

When you need variety to satisfy everyone in the family, The 5 Spot fits the bill. In addition to the kids’ menu, this restaurant offers Southern classics that include shrimp and grits and other cultural dishes. It advertises itself as a neighborhood kitchen and bar, and it’s obvious why once you catch sight of all of the other families with children.

4. Sweet Potatoes

To get the full Southern cuisine experience, take your family to Sweet Potatoes for homestyle classics such as fried catfish and seafood gumbo. Everyone in the family can enjoy finishing off their meals with Sweet Potatoes’ famous banana pudding.

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5. Goose Feathers Cafe

The bright hues inside Goose Feathers Cafe make families feel welcome, and the restaurant has a large children’s menu to help satisfy even picky eaters. There is a full menu for adults, and you can’t leave without introducing your family to whoopie pies. Prepare yourself for requests to make this fabulous dessert yourself once you get home.

6. Betty Bombers All-American Eatery

This restaurant has a kids’ menu and a larger menu with burgers, fries, tacos, and salads for the adults and older children. The mess hall style and World War II decorations on the walls of Betty Bombers create a unique experience with plenty to look at and talk about while you’re waiting for your food. The seating arrangements also allow your kids to make new friends, giving the parents at the table a much-needed respite.

7. Crystal Beer Parlor

Don’t let the name fool you: the Crystal Beer Parlor is a great place to sit down for a family meal. The walls are filled with framed photos that let you and your children walk through Savannah’s rich history, and this restaurant offers both kids’ and full menus. Don’t skip the peach cobbler, as it’s a Savannah tradition that you and your family won’t soon forget.

8. Treylor Park

For kids who like to explore different food options, take a trip to Treylor Park for peanut butter and jelly wings or fried bologna. This restaurant also offers more traditional food options for the faint of heart, or mix them up in a full family-size order, so you have a backup plan. The dress code is super-casual, and don’t be surprised if the people at the next table lean over to ask how your trip is going or offer advice on what to visit next.

9. Huey’s On the River

No trip to Savannah is complete without at least one meal on the stunning riverside. The kids’ menu at Huey’s on the River is extensive, and the older children and adults can try their first order of the Southern classic fried green tomatoes. Given its proximity to the water, this is a great place to eat dinner followed by a stroll along the river to complete your day.

10. Barracuda Bob’s

Kids get excited just about the name Barracuda Bob’s, and its sizable children’s menu pleases adults who rely on good food to keep children happy when they’re on vacation. It has several seafood dishes to remind you that you’re right on the water, and the eatery has a very casual atmosphere that makes families feel welcome.

11. Your Pie

Every family vacation should have a go-to pizza spot for days when the kids are a little cranky, and Your Pie offers kid-size pizzas so everyone can get exactly what they want. You can sit back and watch them make your pizza, and they have gluten-free options for people with allergies. This eatery also has sandwiches and salads, making it easy to create a family-style order so everyone can sample the different options.

12. Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

Sometimes you need to feel at home even when you’re on vacation, and Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room is just the restaurant to evoke that feeling. From recipes that taste like they just came out of your kitchen to communal seating, this restaurant welcomes you and your children to the Savannah family with open arms.

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