Denver, Colorado is a great place for a family getaway as it offers a wide range of fun activities and diverse cuisines. After spending a day hiking or strolling around the downtown area, enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at one of many locally owned eateries situated close to your Denver vacation rental. Enjoy lunch or dinner outdoors so your family can revel in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. These kid-friendly restaurants in Denver are sure to impress.

1. Ace Eat Serve

It’s hard to go wrong with a restaurant that has eleven ping-pong tables, some of which are on a heated patio. The Pan-Asian food at Ace Eat Serve intrigues adult palates, and the restaurant’s kid’s menu includes add-ons such as sticky rice and fresh fruits and vegetables to keep children munching happily away.

2. Four Friends Kitchen

You can find a touch of the south in the beignets and other dishes offered at Four Friends Kitchen. The restaurant’s kids’ menu features items such as chocolate chip pancakes and waffle triangles with peanut butter and jelly to inspire young stomachs to sit down and eat. Children stay occupied on old-school Etch-A-Sketches while you wait, and it’s a great time to show them your own artistic prowess.

3. Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

While it’s always great to find a good hot dog joint for the kids, Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs takes it to the next level with macaroni and cheese sticks and homemade potato chips. The great atmosphere in this family-oriented restaurant is enough to make you linger, and the selection of milkshakes seals the deal.

4. Avanti Food and Beverage

When you need variety, head to the collection of shipping containers that house the huge variety of food offerings at Avanti Food and Beverage. The first floor of this eatery features communal-style dining that makes you feel right at home, while the roof deck offers stunning views of downtown Denver that make your family eager to begin exploring. Thanks to the variety of food, coming back to this eatery more than once during your vacation is a delight, and it’s easy to indulge in a different culinary experience each time.

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5. Punch Bowl Social

Just when you’re worried that the kids are a little too wound up to visit a restaurant, along comes Punch Bowl Social where they can burn off some of that energy and enjoy great food. This eatery has a wall-size Scrabble board, pinball, a cotton candy machine, and plenty of other games to keep young minds occupied. Once they settle down, the little ones get to enjoy burgers or crustless bologna sandwiches while the adults unwind from a long day and dig into the wide variety on the adult menu.

6. Casa Bonita

From its legendary hot pink exterior to the more than 30 attached attractions, Casa Bonita is a Denver destination in and of itself. After roaming past Old West gunfights and exploring caves with the children, settle down and enjoy Mexican-American combination dinners the family can share. Leave yourself some extra time when planning this meal, as the kids may not want to leave.

7. Tag Burger Bar

You can always count on finding something your kids like at a burger joint, especially one that also serves customizable macaroni and cheese bowls. People of all ages flock to Denver’s Tag Burger Bar, so you arrive to an upbeat atmosphere where having the kids along just adds to the fun.

8. Lucky Cat

When adults in Denver crave Chinese food but worry what their kids might eat, they head to Lucky Cat. Children get their own menu with space to draw with crayons before digging into kid-friendly dishes like fish tacos or sesame chicken. There are several Lucky Cat figurines around the restaurant, giving families an opportunity to pass the time by finding out who can spot the most and give them the coolest sounding names.

9. Hometown Tap and Dough

Keeping in line with the slew of kid-friendly restaurants in Denver is Hometown Tap and Dough, where everyone can have fun playing in the sheltered game room. Offering pizza, pepperoni rolls, and meatball sliders, this restaurant is chock full of the tastes kids love. On nice days there is patio seating, and the inside of the restaurant sports a chef’s counter where kids can sit and watch the dough flying in the kitchen.

10. Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery

As the name implies, this restaurant is laid back enough for the whole family to enjoy, but with a menu pleasing to kids as well as adults. The separate kids’menu at Chop Shop has favorites like corn dogs and chicken fingers, while the adults enjoy short ribs or a delicious French dip.

11. Maddie’s Restaurant

Maddie’s was designed with families in mind, and it has a big outdoor patio inviting you to sit back and enjoy beautiful Denver days. When it gets chilly, let the kids have fun at the indoor game station where they can play together with other children. Sit back and enjoy sticky buns, French toast, or pancakes while listening to live music and planning your day.

12. Board Game Republic

If the name itself isn’t enough to get your children excited about eating at Board Game Republic, let them know they can try their first grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This restaurant has hundreds of board games, so it’s easy to find one the whole family enjoys.

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