Colorado Springs is a phenomenal place for families who love the outdoors. Moreover, the city boasts plenty of kid-friendly restaurants offering diverse cuisines. When you stay at one of many Colorado Springs vacation rentals, you can dine with a backdrop of majestic mountains, and choose from a range of delicious cuisines. Dine on the patio, or join a communal table to enjoy conversations with other families experiencing everything Colorado Springs has to offer. From pizza to Mexican food to homestyle American cuisine, even your pickiest eater can sit down and enjoy a meal in this mountain city.

1. Edelweiss Restaurant

There’s something special about driving up to a restaurant that looks like a German chateau in the mountains of Colorado. Edelweiss offers authentic German food in an atmosphere filled with artifacts from Europe, with outdoor dining when the weather permits. The restaurant is family-oriented, and it has plenty of booster seats, high chairs, and crayons for those eating off the kid’s menu.

2. Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q

Rudy’s has a very laid back atmosphere, making it a great place for a family meal. It boasts a beautiful mountain backdrop and a patio for outdoor meals. The sauces at Rudy’s range from very mild to smoking hot, so there’s something for the entire family. Finish off your meal with the banana pudding that adds just the right touch of home while satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth.

3. Mountain Shadows Restaurant

For a treat, the whole family can dig into, get to Mountain Shadows Restaurant early for the huge cinnamon rolls. Whether you get to this Colorado Springs landmark eatery for breakfast or lunch, you’ll find plenty of food to make the kids happy, like banana pancakes and burgers with a range of toppings.

4. Poor Richard’s

When the kids clamor for pizza, head over to Poor Richard’s for a family-friendly atmosphere with a play area full of books and toys. Poor Richard’s offers slices for when only one family member is having a craving, along with salads, sandwiches and healthy options for everyone else.

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5. King Chef’s Diner

When you want to fuel up for a long day of hiking, head to King Chef’s Diner for breakfast burritos so large you may have to share them. Kids love the French toast served with fresh fruit or a selection of syrups. The laid-back atmosphere at King Chef’s provides the perfect backdrop to plan the rest of your family’s day at the zoo or hiking through the mountains.

6. Hacienda Villareal

It’s easy to find something for the whole family to enjoy at Hacienda Villareal. It offers a laid-back atmosphere with a menu ranging from single tacos for the kids to full platters the family can pass around to share. The colorful walls and decorations help keep the kids’ attention while you’re taking a break from a long day of visiting Colorado Springs.

7. Black Bear Diner

When you’re looking for a relaxed, country vibe, bring the family to the Black Bear Diner. The kids stay entertained by spotting the paw prints that decorate the walls and floor, while you choose delicious options for your family like meatloaf and mini pies. A meal at this Colorado Springs family spot is like eating with relatives you didn’t know you had.

8. The Burrowing Owl

Not only does The Burrowing Owl have a great name and a family-friendly atmosphere, it offers several vegan choices for children and adults. This restaurant has a community feel, and with offerings such as cheesy burritos, jackfruit salad, and macaroni and cheese, your kids won’t realize they’re eating healthy.

9. Miller’s Chicago Dogs

While they offer sandwiches and other options, your family will truly enjoy the vast array of toppings they can choose from at Miller’s Chicago Dogs. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in a friendly conversation with the staff or other customers at this family-oriented eatery. Sitting back and watching your kids work on a nice, sloppy Chicago-style dog just adds to the fun.

10. Jill’s Kitchen

Families with picky eaters love Jill’s Kitchen because you can order anything you like at any time, even for the kid who wants grilled cheese for breakfast. Don’t be surprised by the friendly greetings you get when you walk in, or the reminders of home on the menu.

11. Dion’s

For a fun family pizza experience without worrying so much about decorum, order at Dion’s, grab some paper plates, and head over to your table. Kids love this place because you can see through to the back to watch them make your pizza, and the atmosphere is so laid back they don’t have to sit still for fear of disturbing the people at the next table.

12. The Airplane Restaurant

No family trip to Colorado Springs is complete without a visit to The Airplane Restaurant. It boasts a real airplane carrier with seating, and if you aren’t able to get a spot in the plane the kids can still visit the cockpit. There are plenty of kid-friendly options like mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers, and lots of opportunities for family photos that don’t involve begging the kids to join.

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