Why spring breakers watching their spend should stay in a vacation home

Looking to save money while planning your upcoming spring break vacation? Travelers who choose vacation homes over hotels can usually find a bigger space for less money, allowing them to spend their budget on sightseeing and fun. Consider the following before making your next hotel booking!

5 Reasons Vacation Rentals are Better than Hotels for a Spring Break Trip

1. A kitchen inside your rental allows you to save money on food by cooking your own meals.

While experiencing the local cuisine is an important part of travel for many, cooking your own meals while you’re on the road can save considerable amounts of money. Visit the local markets to pick up some fresh, regional ingredients to cook your own meal for a much lower cost than eating at a restaurant. Limit eating out to cheaper meals during lunch while sightseeing and cook dinner back at your rental to save more money.

2. Access to a refrigerator and a freezer let you make your own drinks—no need to spend loads of money at the bar.

Being able to be your own bartender is another perk to staying in a vacation rental—while hotel bars often have sky-high prices and local bars can add up quickly, you can make your own drinks at your rental for a fraction of the cost. Ask some locals for their opinions on the best local drinks and try your hand at making them yourself!

3. Staying in a rental gives you location flexibility.

In many locations frequented by tourists, there is a confined part of the town where the many of the hotels are located. Staying in a vacation rental allows you to choose to experience the part of town that you’re interested in and to break free from the typical tourist experience. As an added plus, while many of the bigger chain hotels are the same all over the world, vacation rentals have much more variety and allow you to experience a slice of local life.

4. Enjoy more space for the same amount of money as a hotel or for cheaper.

Especially if traveling with a big group, as college students tend to do over spring break, staying in a vacation rental makes more sense than staying in a hotel. While hotels often have strict rules regarding the number of people that are allowed to stay in a room (usually max. 2-4 people), you can find vacation rentals with several bedrooms—making for a more comfortable experience for everyone on the trip.

5. Common areas provide a central place to gather with friends and fellow travelers

The way that hotel rooms are set up can make it difficult for a group to spend time together, while most vacation rentals have living rooms and common areas that make having a night of down time with friends a breeze. After long days spent traveling and sightseeing, having a space to bond with your fellow travelers is important—and it is much cheaper to do so at a vacation rental than on a night on the town.

This article was written by Kaitlyn Lannan.