When it comes to food, Boston is primarily known for its namesake cream pie and baked beans. With its swiftly expanding vegetarian food scene, however, the city’s grub game is changing. These 10 vegetarian eateries in Boston will prove that with great, powerful flavor comes great responsibility (to satisfy your taste buds.)

Visit These Boston Vegetarian Restaurants And Cafés

1. Life Alive

The long lines here may seem intimidating, but an extensive wait is usually one of the tell-tale signs of a fantastic eatery. True to its name, Life Alive boasts a cool, artsy vibe and strives to serve nourishing organic food that will invigorate you.

To sum up the menu in one word: whimsical. Life Alive features items such as “The Munchy Granny” (granny smith apple slices accompanied by lemon garlic hummus) and “The Hot & Healthy Bachelor” (a whole wheat wrap filled with veggies, cheese, and egg). To get the most out of your Life Alive experience, you should try their signature dish “The Goddess” which comes with a variety of veggies, tofu, and short-grain brown rice topped with their ginger nama shoyu sauce.

Address: 765 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

Neighborhood: Central Square

2. Cocobeet

Conveniently located across from Government Center station, Cocobeet is a grab-and-go vegan shop that caters to health-conscious individuals with an active lifestyle. All of Cocobeet’s juices, smoothies, and meals are made from locally sourced, raw, and unprocessed ingredients.

Food options include breakfast items like pitaya bowls and avocado toast. Additionally, the extensive menu offers numerous lunch selections such as the vegan shitake bean chili and quinoa burger with spicy almond spread.

Address: 100 City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA 02108

Neighborhood: Downtown

3. Grasshopper Restaurant

If you’re a vegan on a budget, this Vietnamese and Chinese eatery will hit the spot without bullying your wallet. Grasshopper Restaurant serves complimentary hot tea and an assortment of savory dishes that are playful variations of their well-known meat counterparts.

One of the most popular entrees is “The No Name” — a dish reminiscent of General Tso's chicken — which consists of veggies and battered gluten tossed in sweet and sour sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Lighter options include grilled vegetarian chicken and warm watercress soup.

Address: 1 N Beacon Street, Allston, MA 02134

Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton

4. Amsterdam Falafelshop

Falafel is such an effortless idea — deep fried chickpea patties — yet incredibly scrumptious. Amsterdam Falafelshop is like the Chipotle of falafel creations since you can order your falafel in a pita or bowl, and then load it up with toppings and sauces such as tahini and pickled veggies. The falafel sandwich and bowl combinations are nearly endless!

Conversely, if falafel isn’t your fried food of choice, this eatery also serves double-fried French fries with unique dipping sauces like peanut sauce and curried ketchup.

Address: 248 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144

Neighborhood: Davis Square

5. True Bistro

This classy establishment serves thoughtful and sophisticated vegan fare without the fancy prices (almost all dishes fall under $20 — also, there’s no need to wear your Sunday best as the dress code is casual). Committed to the philosophy of veganism, the owners and chefs endeavor to create memorable meals without use of meat, eggs, and dairy products.

True Bistro often changes up its courses with a seasonal menu to keep patrons coming back to try different items. Currently, well lauded dishes include the saffron pasta ravioli and phyllo purse which is filled with winter squash, green mole, and tempeh braised with brandy.

Address: 1153 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

Neighborhood: Teele Square

6. La Sanghita Café

Despite being a newcomer to the vegetarian food scene in Eastie, La Sanghita Café has already amassed a substantial following. With its cozy and relaxed environment, La Sanghita Café focuses on encouraging mindful eating with nutritious food.

The simple but impressionable menu comprises of mostly Mexican fare and a few innovative renditions of diner classics such as fritters made of pear, coconut, and ginger as well as French toast topped with fruit, cardamom, and coconut nectar.

Address: 389 Maverick Street, Boston, MA 02128

Neighborhood: East Boston

7. My Thai Vegan Café

My Thai proves that outer appearances can be misleading as its unassuming exterior and creaky stairs (it’s located on the second floor) may convince patrons to dine elsewhere. However, the mini-journey will be worth it once you reach the café’s spacious dining area and taste the phenomenal food. Named Best of Boston’s 2013 Best Vegetarian Restaurant, My Thai serves its namesake cuisine but catered to vegans.

Along with popular Thai dishes such as pad see ew and pad Thai, the menu also has lesser known plates such as ginger fish and tamarind duck (which is perfect if you love tangy, slightly sweet deliciousness).

Address: 3 Beach Street, 2nd Fl, Boston, MA 02111

Neighborhood: Chinatown

8. Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy is a retro-yet-futuristic vegetarian diner that creates its dishes from scratch and offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. All dishes can be made vegan and there’s also a 100% vegan on-site bakery. Additionally, most menu options can be prepared gluten-free. With such an inclusive and expansive set of comfort food choices, it’s fair to say this diner is out of this world.

Breakfast lovers will adore the fluffy pancakes or eggs Benedict made with caramelized onion (which replaces the traditional slice of ham) and served over a homemade black pepper biscuit. For dessert, try the sweet and tart mile high lemon meringue pie.

Address: 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139

Neighborhood: Central Square

9. Clover Food Lab

With multiple brick and mortar locations as well as food trucks spread throughout Cambridge and Boston, Clover is one of the more accessible and convenient vegetarian restaurants in the area. Staying true to its slogan “everything will be different tomorrow,” this food lab constantly rotates its menu of casual fare to offer something new and appetizing daily.

Clover prides itself on simplicity as demonstrated by its interior design choices and ingredients. Although minimalist in style, the carefully crafted dishes exude flavor. The rosemary fries are a crispy, fragrant menu staple that never fails to please. Also, it’s difficult to resist the soy BLT that Mayor Thomas Menino once praised as Boston’s best BLT sandwich.

(Source for Menino’s praise: http://dailyfreepress.com/2011/10/24/menino-looks-toward-a-healthier-boston-in-kicking-off-food-day/)

Address: 7 Holyoke St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Neighborhood: Harvard Square

10. FoMu

Its original store front is nestled in Allston’s “vegan row” (an area where neighboring businesses are also fellow purveyors of vegan goods). Dedicated to creating ice cream and baked goods from 100% plant-based ingredients, FoMu is so on point with its vegan desserts that even non-vegan patrons are impressed with the sweets’ luscious texture and yummy flavor.

FuMu reimagined certain pies and cakes as ice cream flavors, so dessert lovers will appreciate the key lime pie or carrot cake ice cream. Since the frozen treats are coconut milk-based, the result is a satisfying creaminess that will leave you (mentally) exclaiming, “I can’t believe this isn’t a dairy product!”

Address: 481 Cambridge St, Allston, MA 02134

Neighborhood: Allston/Brighton

This article was written by Justina Tran.