The Trump administration today announced that it will begin renting out stays in the White House on weekends when the President is out of town – with all of the listings being exclusively available through, the world’s largest site for vacation rentals. To Rent Out Rooms In The White House

Travelers looking for a place to stay in Washington, D.C. will find the White House in’s search results starting today, April 1st. Rather than renting the whole home, as many people do on, the White House will be made available room by room. That way more citizens will have an opportunity to stay in the fabled mansion, and the Administration will be able to raise more funds to help balance the budget.

“With the President choosing to spend the majority of his weekends at either Mar-a-Lago or one of his other phenomenal, world-class properties, we saw an opportunity to offset some of the costs of his travels while also helping to contribute to balancing the country’s budget by renting out the White House,” said a White House spokesperson.

Travelers will have the choice of staying in either the Queen’s Bedroom, which actually includes a suite of several rooms on the second floor of the residence, or the Lincoln Bedroom – which Abraham Lincoln famously never slept in. Each room will be listed separately on for a price yet to be determined.

“While we have over 10 million amazing properties available on, I can sincerely say we never thought we’d have the chance to offer travelers a chance to stay somewhere as unique and historic as the White House,” said Jen O’Neal, CEO and Founder of

A hotelier at heart, White House Sources confirmed that the President has wanted to find a way to fill these rooms since the First Lady decided not to move to Washington. After months in the vast property, Mr. Trump realized there were too many rooms going unused in the White House that could be put to much better use.

“In the hotel business, vacancy is a four letter word. So to see those gorgeous, fantastic rooms – the best – sitting empty… Sad,” said the President.

While the announcement may be seen as shocking by some who feel it sets a dangerous precedent for selling off public property, the belief is that most Americans will understand that this is an April Fool's Day joke.