If you’ve never heard of Tagaytay, it’s a wildly popular tourist destination in the Philippines among both locals and foreigners. Tagaytay's cooler climate (due to its high altitude) and proximity to Manila (the capital city of the Philippines, only 34 miles away!) makes it an ideal escape from city life. But that’s not to say Tagaytay is just about scenic views or historic landmarks. It has a population of about 62,000 people, and was cited in 2015 as the Department of Tourism’s top tourist destination in the Calabarzon region for its natural beauty, cuisine, and city sites.Here are 8 barangays (neighborhoods) of Tagaytay that are worth checking out.

Tagaytay Neighborhood Guide

1. Aguinaldo Highway

A highway, you ask? This 6-lane, 25 mile stretch happens to pass through the busiest towns and cities of the Cavite region. The highway ends at Tagaytay, and is where all the traffic action happens in the province. The reason this area stands out is because it is home to—drumroll, please—the Sky Ranch Amusement Park! The amusement park is located inside Sky Ranch, a property owned by SM Investments Corporation, which is also home to a number of shops and restaurants.

Aguinaldo Highway Attractions:

  • Peoples Park in the Sky
  • Café Veranda Cultural Show
  • Summit Ridge Promenade
  • Baliwag Lechon Manok Liempo (restaurant/bar)

Aguinaldo HighwayAguinaldo Highway

2. Aguinaldo Highway

For a location set away from Tagaytay proper, Aguinaldo Highway is a good place to do some R&R. Although the neighborhood is residential, Aguinaldo Highway is where Puzzle Mansion, the home of the largest puzzle collection in the world, is located. Gina Gil-Lacuna, owner of the mansion and Guinness record holder, also bakes a mean coconut cream pie, which she sells for a minimal price.

Asisan Attractions

  • Puzzle Mansion
  • Tagaytay United Methodist Church

Aguinaldo HighwayAguinaldo Highway

3. Aguinaldo Highway

I want to bring up this neighborhood because it’s home to Paradizoo, a must-see tourist destination of this region. Paradizoo is an orchard with its main attractions including a Butterfly Garden, Bee Garden, mini zoo, goat milking stations, and Pet Columbary. What is a Pet Columbary, you ask? Imagine Noah’s Ark, with animals of every sort, size, and color. This area is great if you’re traveling with kids, but it also had a spa sanctuary and features festivals for people of varying interests and ages. Aguinaldo Highway is urban with a high volume of tourists, and has plenty of restaurants, hotels, and even Starbucks, to satisfy your dietary and physical needs.

Mendez Attractions

  • Paradizoo
  • Gerry’s Grill Tagaytay
  • Breakfast at Antonio’s
  • Pamana Restaurant

Aguinaldo HighwayAguinaldo Highway

4. Aguinaldo Highway

For all you foodies out there, Aguinaldo Highway, which is located just south of Tagaytay Heights, is the place to be. If you have never heard of Bulalo and want to try an authentically Fillipino dish, it’s the comfort food equivalent of chicken soup—made with bone marrow. There’s a whole strip of restaurants in this neighborhood dedicated to this steaming delicacy—called the Bulalo Belt—but you can also try other Filippino dishes such as sisig, bangus, and even crispy bulalo.

Mahogany Attractions

  • Mer-Ben Tapsilog sa Tagaytay (restaurant)
  • Bulalo Point (dishes are good for sharing)
  • Mahogany Market Eateries
  • Station 15

Aguinaldo HighwayAguinaldo Highway

5. Aguinaldo Highway

There are a couple of neighborhoods that start with “Aguinaldo Highway”—Maitim 2nd Central, Maitim 2nd East, Maitim 2nd West, but all are tourist-friendly in their own way. This is an urban area, with pockets of nature and seclusion tucked away for visitors in places like the Nurture Wellness Village, which is located in Maitim 2nd West. This glamping spot is described as a “haven,” “paradise,” and “unexpected surprise,” by recent visitors on Tripadvisor. The eastern area of Aguinaldo Highway is also known for its nightlife, and has plenty of options for those looking for an evening out.

Maitim Attractions

  • Nurture Wellness Village
  • Earn’s Videoke Bar and Eatery
  • Club Kamukamu 88 Resto Bar
  • Odd Balls (shopping mall)

Aguinaldo HighwayAguinaldo Highway

6. Silang Crossing

If you came to the Philippines to get pampered, this neighborhood has the perks and amenities for a bit of indulgence, whether you’re a budget traveller or a high spender. This area is urban with its fair traffic of tourists, and is full of spas, restaurants, and local culture sites. If you get a hankering for a good old donut or a slice of pizza, you may want to check out this neighborhood.

Silang Crossing Attractions

  • Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
  • Hoyo Land Eco Tropical Resor
  • Ita Pizza & Grill
  • Farm Foodies
  • Banahaw Heals Spa

Stay in Silang Crossing

7. Sungay East-End

This is a neighborhood with a view. Sungay East-End is home to Tagaytay Picnic Grove, which is a wide park from which you can see the Taal volcano. When the weather is nice and there’s a slight breeze in the air, you’ll be able to find families relaxing and flying kites in the area. This neighborhood is also attractive for the adventure seekers because there are places to go horseback riding and zip lining.

Sungay East-End Attractions

  • Tagaytay Picnic Grove
  • Alamat Restaurant
  • Adam’s Café
  • Red Lemon Grill

Stay in Sungay East-End

8. Sungay West

If accommodations are important to you, then this neighborhood offers a plethora of choices that will meet your needs. There are budget inns, family-oriented hotels, and even rooms for rent. This area is a popular because of the tourism industry, and whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, staying in Sungay West won’t break your budget and will put you smack dab in the middle of all the action.

Sungay West Attractions

  • View Park Hotel
  • Top Hotel Spa and Restaurant
  • Famous Inn
  • 5R Hotel Tagaytay

Stay in Sungay West

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This article was written by Hanna Choi.