Guilin offers some truly stunning scenery, ranked fourth on China's list of the 10 best tourist destinations. Surprisingly, Guilin is also a budget friendly city and it can be easily explored on the cheap. Words can't really describe the natural beauty of Guilin, so let's have a look at these postcards…

The Sun and Moon Pagodas

These seven story pagodas, both located on Banyan Lake in Guilin, are marvellous glass and copper structures best admired at night.

Li River

Originating near Cat Mountain, the highest mountain in South China, the stunning scenery of Li River will simply leave you speechless. During sunny days, you can admire the inverted reflection of the hills and during cloudy days the hills are surrounded by mist, creating a mystical paradise.

Longji Rice Terrace

These rice terraces are built into the hillsides, and look like great chains or ribbons as they wind round the contours in tiered bands. They are one of the most fantastic sceneries you can experience in the Land of Dragons. When it gets hot, the sun beautifully reflects in the water of the paddy fields.


Xingping is a charming place located around 30 kilometers from Yangshuo. It is surrounded by breath-taking scenery with one particularly prominent peak overlooking the village from the southern end of the shoreline against the Yi River. It's truly a hidden gem.

This guest post was written by Agness Walewinder, full-time English teacher in Dongguan, China and a part-time blogger at eTramping.