Tripper of the Week: Penny Sadler

A Dallas Tripper gives us the inside scoop on what to do in Dallas, shares her memorable moments with a local in Tuscany and invites fellow Trippers to visit her in Texas. Meet Penny Sadler, our Tripper of the Week.....

Tell us a bit about your background.

I'm a freelance makeup artist and stylist, currently living in Dallas. I do get to work with some pretty high profile people like Rob Lowe, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Clarkson, etc. But I also teach and work with real people. Dallas is kind of a small market so you have to be diverse.

When I was in grade school, my favorite subject was geography. I always liked anything new, or unique. Working as a professional makeup artist fulfills a number of different needs for me. I like meeting new people, and helping them create their image. I like working in varying environments on a different project daily, and I like working in a visual career. Occasionally, I travel for my work. But most of the people I work with are traveling to Dallas.

I'd love to start hosting some travelers to Dallas!

Of the places you've traveled, which has been your favorite?

I've traveled around the US quite a bit, and I love California - great food, climate, scenery, and a very relaxed vibe. I go to Santa Barbara every summer to escape the Texas heat. One of the big draws there is the annual Fiesta parade and associated parties.

My all time favorite place so far is Rome, Italy. I recently wrote a short essay about why I love Rome. It's a hard question to answer, believe it or not. It's a beautiful city, of course, loaded with history. I like the way the old and new live side by side. You can see a 16th century building next to a crumbling ruin next to a 20th century construction. It all makes perfect sense there. Most of all, I love that I never feel alone there even though I'm always traveling alone.

What is your favorite memory of interacting with locals on your travels?

This summer, I went to Chianti a region of Tuscany for the first time. I was driving through the hills one day and pulled over for a photo op. There was an old man sitting on the side of the road who seemed very interested in talking to me though he didn't speak any English. I speak very little Italian but I ended up having a very interesting and unexpected conversation with him. He's been living there for over 40 years and knew the history of the area. It was the kind of information you'd only get from a local and only if you take the time to engage with them and to speak the language. He

invited me into his home to show me old photographs of the area. This is the kind of experience I remember long after the rest of the trip has become a bit of a blur.

For anyone visiting your current hometown of Dallas, what places would you recommend they visit?

If you're coming to Dallas there are a few must-see places. The Sixth Floor Museum is one of them. It's the JFK memorial museum, and the first time I went I became very emotional. There's old film footage and photographs…very moving. If you like architecture, I'd say a walk through the art deco buildings at Fair Park should be on your list.

The Dallas Arts District is a destination in itself, and you should plan to spend a full day there. Also, the Dallas Arboretum is lovely year round.

Then go for Mexican food at Wild Salsa on Main Street. And walk over to the Neiman Marcus flagship store for some great window shopping.

What is your dream destination?

I'd love to travel by train in Europe, and to me the epitome of train travel is the Orient Express. I'd take the London - Prague - Venice route. I've had a few luxury travel experiences, but it's not my normal mode of travel. The luxury of this train is appealing, but more than that is the history of the train itself. Of course. I'd have to shop for a vintage wardrobe to wear just for this trip. Because the train isn't the only thing with style!

Where is your next trip?

Definitely Italy. I've had an itch to do a photo trip to Venice. I'd also like to explore Umbrian hill towns, Spoleto, Assisi, Cortona,and Perugia. I'd like to spend about one to three months just wandering around, meeting people, and taking as many photographs as


Traveling to Dallas? Connect with Penny via her Tripping profile. You can also find her on her blog and on her website.

Interview by Anis Salvesen.