Astrological signs can tell you a lot about a person, such as the vacation destination they might like or the kind of travel companion they’d make. Based on each zodiac’s key characteristics and preferences, here are the best type of vacation rentals for each sign.

Travel Astrology For The Best Vacation Rental

Your Sign: Aquarius

Driven by their quest for knowledge and their humanitarian side, Aquarians tend to be insightful yet serious. If it’s a moment of levity the Aquarius wants, the best rental would be somewhere lighthearted and quirky. Think character-themed cottages in Japan (like this Hello Kitty room in the middle of Tokyo), or the Hobbit House hotel in the forests of Montana. If you’re an Aquarius looking to embrace your thinker, you’ll want to steer clear of tourist traps and head for the off-beaten path—perhaps somewhere you can do a good deed as well. Hostels that support humanitarian works such as HI Iceland or community houses that do volunteer work may be just right.


Pisces leave room for a lot of fluctuation in their lives, but this means they can be a bit indecisive. Instead of presenting a Pisces with a ton of lodging options to consider, it’s best to stick with a few solid picks. Since Pisces are known for their depth and imagination, they’ll need a vacation rental to fuel their creativity. What the Pisces needs is an artsy little guesthouse with enough wow factor to inspire, like this small guesthouse in Bali. Even better is if this guesthouse is located somewhere they can enjoy a deep cultural and spiritual experience as well.


Aries are active and constantly on the go, so it’s about finding the perfect location to serve as the hub of all the action. A centrally located bungalow surrounded by plenty of outdoor recreation options is one option to consider. Aries will be so busy seeing the sights they might barely find time to rest their head. Another great option for Aries might be a breezy cabin or vacation rental like this incredible wilderness wildlife retreat that sets you up well for a safari tour package. A wilderness tour in South Africa might be enough to quench the Aries’ thirst for adventure.


The Taurus needs security, and has a strong appreciation for comfort. When they’re on vacation, they want to experience all the amenities a place has to offer. A luxury hotel or a boutique resort where the Taurus can feel pampered and indulged is the ideal vacation rental. Perhaps a place in Napa Valley, with its fine wines and premier hotels, might fit the bill - this charming guest house near St. Helena is close to all the best shops, wineries and restaurants in the area.


Geminis are filled with a wanderlust that is satisfied by the freedom to roam and a diverse selection of activities. Big cities are especially appealing to Geminis, who value communication and intelligence as well. A boutique hotel in the heart of the city is a great option for these social butterflies. London, England or Nicosia, Cyprus are two great cities that Geminis may find appealing - check out this penthouse apartment right by the Acropolis in Nicosia!


Cancers are your Class-A homebodies, so a vacation rental that feels like a home away from home is ideal. Cancers should head towards the sea or a lakeside destination, and go for the cozy vacation rentals as opposed to mega hotel chains. Cancers will find themselves having a lot more fun at a family-style B&B or a homey beach cottage, especially if they are surrounded by their family or friends. A place like this comfortable yet elegant cabin in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho perfectly fits the bill.


Leos are drawn to glamour and luxury, so lavish destinations and opulent surroundings are ideal. Where would one go to experience pure indulgence? If you find the answer, you might find a Leo there as well. For a vacation rental to satisfy this high-end guest, a luxurious suite in a fancy hotel is the optimal choice, or a high-end apartment in a perfect location, like this gem in the very heart of Paris.


Virgos are practical, so they’ll definitely be one of the most budget-conscious of the bunch. But that doesn’t mean that price is the only thing they will consider when searching for a vacation rental. Virgos will want an escape from reality, but an educational experience as well. A place where they can travel back in time to learn something new is ideal, or a place with a different culture to learn about. Think historic B&Bs or renovated budget hotels like this reasonably-priced, historic home in New Orleans —no other sign will appreciate it more.


Libras are easygoing travel companions, but are drawn to beauty and perfection. The most picturesque vacation destinations will surely knock Libras off their feet—idyllic coastal towns, picture-perfect city side escapes, breathtaking villages in Europe. For Libras, a stunning villa in an equally scenic town is the perfect vacation rental. In this penthouse apartment in Barcelona, you can have it all in a stylish city minutes away from the beach.

YOUR SIGN: Scorpio

Scorpios like their retreats, but they also appreciate modern day conveniences. They’d want to go somewhere they can rewind, such as a secluded getaway, but not one without its comforts. Glamping might be a good experience for our headstrong Scorpios. This type of glamorous camping—one with luxury tents, state-of-the-art grills and feathered mattresses—combines the best of both worlds. Check out this glamping experience in New South Wales, Australia for the experience of a lifetime!

YOUR SIGN: Sagittarius

Perhaps one of the most adventurous travelers of the zodiac, Sagittarius enjoy immersing themselves in a country’s culture. That’s why a Sagittarius might find themselves renting a room from the locals, or seeking out the vacation rentals where they can experience life as the locals know it, like in this trendy East Village apartment in New York City. They also like the element of discovery while on vacation, so they might try out different types of accommodations depending on where they’re going and what they want to explore.

YOUR SIGN: Capricorn

Capricorns are practical and perhaps the most cautious travelers of all the zodiac signs. The perfect vacation for a Capricorn would have to meet all the practical requirements, such as affordability, safety, location, etc. They like visiting places with a lot of history, so they might enjoy a stay in a historic hotel throughout their travel, or a place like this historic apartment in the oldest part of Quebec City. They are also great at executing plans, so you can be sure that Capricorns will be on top of the vacation rental booking process once the dates are set.

This article was written by Hanna Choi.