Top Fall Vacation Destinations 2015

As the summer is winding down, you might start feeling down because the sunny vacation season is over. Well, SNAP OUT OF IT. It's time to start thinking about where you are going to go in the fall season! Though the sun might start hiding its gold rays earlier in the day, the leaves soak up the color for the world's happy enjoyment. Tourists are home instead of crowing the streets, locals are in better moods to share their city, and airlines bring their prices way down, so you may just find that these fall vacation destinations are exactly what you had always hoped for in a little September/October excursion.


The fall is the best time to visit Montreal, Canada; the weather isn't hot, but isn't super cold (yet) and the leaves have changed to bright yellows and oranges. Stroll around in Old Montreal without having to push your way around, and have Mont Royal Summit all to yourself (almost). Kayak on the St. Lawrence River before it freezes over during the icy winter months. The second week in October is Canadian Thanksgiving, so if you actually kinda miss the summer crowds and bustle and don't mind paying for airfare when it goes up for the holiday, then Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to visit and brush up on your French.

Average Temperature September: 60ºF/16ºC

Average Temperature October: 49ºF/9ºC

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Santorini is typically a summer destination right? Wrong. Santorini's best weather actually is in the fall months of September and October when the sun glows instead of beams. You'll enjoy temperatures in the wonderful 70s. However, the best part about getting into Santorini in the fall is that the tourists are almost all gone! So you can actually watch the sunset in Oia with an unobstructed view. You will get a more personal experience at the sites such as at Akrotiri and the Museum of Prehistoric Thira. And you will actually have room to lie out a towel on the beach. Some shops close after high season ends, but overall most shops stay open until November. After the high season is over, the price drop you can expect, but what you might not expect how much more of an authentic Greek destination Santorini becomes when the tourists head home.

Average Temperature September: 73°F/ 23°C

Average Temperature October: 66°F/ 19°C

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Fall means foliage and the best place to get the full view is in New England. Fall is what makes Vermont such a popular fall vacation destination. Within a short period of time, all the trees take on shocking reds, yellows, and oranges. People travel from around the world just to admire the amber mountains. Ski lifts, bike trails, and bus tours bring visitors to the best landscapes, but since the state is so rural, you can really see the color from anywhere. Vermont apple picking and maple syrup harvesting are great activities to take in the full flavor of the season. Take advantage of the lack of humidity and snow and go hiking, fishing, and boating while you're there. Vermont only stays this vibrant for a short “peak" period of time so make sure you check the reports and pack your hiking shoes, jacket, and camera so you don't miss it!

Average Temperature September: 65°F/ 13°C

Average Temperature October: 55°F/ 12°C

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Even though it is hot and humid in the summer, tourists flood Budapest in the summer and leave in August right when the city gets nice. So that's doubly good for you. Not only will you get ideal weather, you also won't have to deal with the summer tourists raising prices and cramming the cafes. Wander through the city with a coffee, visiting the museums and landmarks like the Parliament Building and Heroes' Square. The leaves start to change color, making places like the Danube Bend and wine vineyards especially gorgeous. Be sure to check out the long list of Budapest fall festivals for some delicious Hungarian food and local excitement to make up for the peace and quiet you'll be enjoying on the everyday streets. Get into the Budapest culture while there are less people to dilute it, and more festivals to celebrate it.

Average Temperature September: 64°F/ 18°C

Average Temperature October: 54°F/ 12°C

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London is always a top tourist destination, but like most top destinations, you have to visit in the off-season in order to get the best prices and least crowds. For London, that means the fall. Really, London's weather isn't ever consistently clear skies and warm temperatures so you aren't missing too much sun when you visit during the start of the colder months. All the main attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and The British Museum are open and less packed. You can get the good seats at the Royal Opera House or The Globe Theater with the money you saved on flights. As long as you bring an umbrella and a good coat, you're set for the London experience.

Average Temperature September: 60°F/ 15.5°C

Average Temperature October: 54°F/ 12°C

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When you think of Japan, you might think about the springtime cherry blossom season. However, Hokkaido, Japan in the fall is equally as stunning. Just as you would find trying to catch the blossom blooms, fall foliage peaks at different times in different parts of Japan, so you have to make sure you're catching it at the right spot at the right time. September is when the fiery autumn colors dominate Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido, though if you want to travel further south of this beautiful northern island, plan to make your trip later in the season when the color migrates south. Take advantage of the festivals during this time. With the most stable temperatures besides the spring, autumn is the best time to take a trip to Japan, see less crowds, and still experience spectacular natural wonders.

Average Temperature September: 65°F/18°C

Average Temperature October: 53°F/ 12°C

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