If you're the type of person who likes their vacations adrenaline-fueled then Tripping has you covered. Check out these top ATV destinations from right across the world and get ready to start your adventure.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

If you've ever dreamt of ATVing in the Sahara, Morocco is the place for you. Renowned for being ATV-friendly, Dar Azawad is a Saharan oasis surrounded by miles of sand dunes. ATV rentals are close by, and if you've never driven in sand dunes before there are plenty of beginner courses to take.

Photo by Luca Galuzzi via Wikimedia Commons

Greek Islands, Greece

Exploring the islands of Greece is better on an ATV. Taxis are expensive and bikes are hard work, but an ATV enables you to see even the most remote areas of this beautiful country with ease. If you're up for the adventure of a lifetime and have "visit Europe" on your bucket list, this is the destination for you.

Photo by Ronald Saunders via Wikimedia Commons

Winnsboro, SC

Carolina Adventure World was created with the ATV lover in mind. It offers dozens of trails varying in difficulty and terrain types. Get dirty on the Mud Bog, a giant muddy pool that you can ride through, or put your riding skills to the test on a challenging trail like the Rock Crawl. With weekend night rides in the summer and endurance events like the Spartan Race and Armageddon Ambush throughout the year, Winnsboro is a fantastic place for your next ATV adventure.

New Zealand

Located near the Southern Alps on New Zealand's West Coast, Franz Josef is a great spot for ATV tours and trips. The village has incredible mountain views and a lush rainforest just waiting to be explored. If you'd rather stay closer to the city, the popular resort town of Queenstown in New Zealand offers a variety of ATV trails. You can decide between renting an ATV and going out on your own or booking a three-hour guided group tour.

Photo by Benchill via Wikimedia Commons

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mexico offers a variety of terrains for ATV riding, but one of the most popular destinations is the Mayan rainforest. Tours in Riviera Maya will have you driving through the dense jungle, swimming in crystal clear cenotes, exploring caves and climbing ancient ruins. With increasing popularity, ATV tours are now more common in travel packages and are usually paired with other natural experiences like picnicking, hiking or scuba diving.

Photo by Bruno Girin via Wikimedia Commons