Think you can't experience space travel here on Earth? Think again! Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to trek to a galaxy far, far away to be consumed by 'The Force.' In celebration of the brand new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer, check out these out-of-this-world Star Wars themed rooms and vacation rentals!

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1. Star Wars Game Room and Home Theater

This luxury 9-bedroom, 9.5-bath vacation rental is located in Reunion, Florida, less than a lightyear away from popular Orlando, FL. The rental features a private pool and spa, seven master bedroom suites and two themed bedrooms of 'Despicable Me' and 'Toy Story.' The icing on the cake is the Star Wars-themed game room and home theater!

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Check out this vacation rental here!

2. Another Star Wars Museum / Home Theater

This Seattle property is home to some lucky Star Wars fanatics! Designed to mirror the command deck of the Death Star, the home theater boasts three row seating, surround sound and an overall museum-like feel. The entrance showcases original Star Wars movie posters, as well as as a Han Solo frozen in carbonite to greet you. The room's life-sized characters will join you watch your flick, creating a truly immersive experience!

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3. Star Wars Man Cave

This basement turned man cave is a true Star Wars fan's dream come true! Without missing a single detail, this craftsman built his underground getaway by hand with fun gadgets and memorabilia lining the walls. “The Smuggler's Room," as he calls it, comes complete with a poker table in the center. The owner can enjoy a card game with his buddies – or just become completely distracted by his masterpiece instead!

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4. Star Wars Kids Bedroom

This 5-bedroom, 5-bath Orlando, Florida vacation rental will make two young jedis very happy. They'll enjoy Star Wars murals and themed bedding authentic enough to send them on a saber-filled adventure after lights out. Additional home amenities include two king bedroom suites with master baths overlooking the pool and spa. The kitchen offers granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and a breakfast nook.

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Check out this vacation rental here!

5. Star Wars Bar and Game Room

Step into this Galactic Empire and have a drink! This elaborate Star Wars bar and game room will make any sci-fi fan drool. Situated in a 16,326-square foot, $5.5-million dollar property in Carmel, Indiana, the entertainment room features life-sized Stormtroopers, neon ray guns and an un-masked Darth Vadar to watch over your game of pool. This room is a perfect escape from the reality of planet Earth!

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6. Humble Death Star Room

This Orlando, Florida vacation rental is the most modest of the list, but also the most attainable. This 5-bedroom, 4-bath villa sleeps twelve, offers a pool/spa, as well as a Star Wars themed game room/cinema- all for just $99 per night! According to the listing, the room features a brand new four seater suite and two bean bag chairs for the little ones to enjoy. Equipped with a Sony 60-inch LED TV, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and a Brusnwick foosball table, the whole family can partake in the fun!

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