The ABCs of Trendy Travel: Amsterdam Biking & Boating Communities

From windmills to sturdy architecture, shopping to delicious foods, there's a lot to see and do in Amsterdam. Every trendy traveler should visit this lively city at least once, and when you're there, you can't miss the local Amsterdam biking and boating opportunities.

Biking and boating will get you around the city in ways you can't otherwise see it. Walking is just slow, and besides, the city layout just isn't conducive to Western methods of travel. Take advantage of the transit the locals will use.

Biking and Boating

The city has a lot of nooks and crannies you won't see by bus or car, and besides, who wants to deal with traffic on vacation? Travel like the locals and see scenic views while stopping to shop now and again by taking a bicycle tour or just renting one and seeing where the wind takes you.

Boating, meanwhile, will get you some exclusive views of the canals from the water, where they're far more exciting to look at than from dry land. Cruise down the waterways of Amsterdam in a stylish gondola and you're sure to win the admiration and envy of your friends and family at home.

Take a City Cruise

If you want to see the waterways in luxury, take a 3-day or 5-day mini-cruise through Amsterdam on a canal barge – a less expensive proposition than a normal luxury cruise – and enjoy daily tours, accommodations, food, and perhaps even bike explorations of the various destinations on your journey. You can take cruises to further-away places like Brussels if you would like, or stick to Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.

Delightful Culinary Tours

Your guidebook won't show you everywhere the locals eat, and if you want to try BitterBall or Genever without risking an unknown restaurant, you can take a bike tour of culinary delights. While you bike along through the winding medieval streets, you'll snack and drink or even enjoy tasty tidbits from various lunch menus offered by famous restaurants.

Intimate Gondola Experience

Instead of paying cut-rate prices and being one of a hundred people on a boat, if you're willing to splash out a bit more, you can rent a gondola for a quieter, more intimate experience. This is perfect for couples and good friends who would rather see the sights without the noisy commentary, and you can even host a picnic on board a gondola.

Architecture and History Buffs

If you and your traveling companions wish to experience the real Amsterdam in all its historic or architectural glory, there are bike tours that can take you through 15th century city walls, modern buildings and sleek architecture, or even both on the same day. Bike tour guides can help you see many parts of Amsterdam most tourists don't get to experience.

Rather than doing the same thing as everyone else by walking around Amsterdam and missing out on the sights and sounds of the real city, why not take advantage of the city's cute streets and stunning waterways by biking or boating around? You'll make memories that will last a lifetime on these trendy modes of transportation!

This article was a guest post by Simon Dance of travel accommodation marketplace,