Wine enthusiasts from across the globe are likely well aware of the delicious, talked-about wines coming from California and Washington wineries. What's lesser known is that the Midwest has a popular and longstanding wine scene of its own. Here are ten noteworthy Midwest wineries worth a visit for their vino!

1. Stone Hill Winery - Hermann, MO

Established in the late 19th century, Stone Hill has been creating renowned wines for well over a century, putting Missouri wine on the map. Since that time, they've proudly earned numerous medals and accolades, totaling more than 3,700 since 1993. Enjoy big views along with big wines during your visit, which could include a tour of their historic buildings and modern production facilities. If you're visiting around mealtime, stay for a nice dinner at Vintage Restaurant, which offers world cuisine and of course, great wines.

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2. Brys Estate Vineyard - Traverse City, MI

Overlooking Traverse Bay, in the wildly popular Michigan vacation spot Traverse City, sits Brys Estate. With over 350 medals under its belt, stunning vistas and exceptional wines, Brys Estate is a must visit Midwest winery. Tasting rooms and tours are open to the public, and its estate offers private buildings for parties, events, and weddings.

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3. Harpersfield Vineyard - Geneva, OH

Situated in Ohio's Grand River Valley, Harpersfield Vineyard will make you fall in love with America’s heartland one sip at a time. This charming family-owned farm and winery offers tasty food, a variety of wines and even live music some nights. Standout menu items include the cabernet-braised beef crostini and the smoked trout, which of course are to be enjoyed with a glass, or more, of Harpersfield wine.

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4. Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant - Buchanan, MI

With a climate similar to France and Germany's wine country, visitors to this Lake Michigan winery can expect world-class wines. Their wide selection, which ranges from dry whites and reds to sparkling and dessert wines, makes it easy for drinkers of varying palettes to find a favorite. Casual walking tours offer guests an opportunity to see firsthand Tabor Hill's winemaking facilities.

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5. St. Julian Winery - Paw Paw, MI

Walk through acres of red and green grapes during a visit to Michigan's St. Julian Winery. With a large collection of beverages, including wines, spirits, ciders, and even sparkling juices, there's something for everyone, even the kids! Conveniently, St. Julian has multiple locations around Michigan.

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6. Galena Cellars Vineyard and Winery - Galena, IL

Love wine tasting but hate having to leave your dog at home? At Galena cellars, you don’t have to! Sip one of their 40 varieties spanning reds, whites, desserts and sparkling. Downtown Galena also has a tasting room for those wanting to tour the town who are less partial to the country.

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7. Ackerman Winery - Amana, IA

As the oldest Iowa winery, Ackerman boasts a rich history and an even richer collection of great, award-winning fruit wines. Perhaps you've only sipped grape wines, but at Ackerman, visitors can savour a variety of wines made from popular fruit like mango, pomegranate, dandelion and more. As you'd suspect, their wines are on the sweeter side, so if that's your preference, head to Amana for a taste and a tour.

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8. Oliver Winery and Vineyards - Bloomington, IN

Founded in the 1960s by an Indiana University law professor, Oliver Winery is the Indiana's largest and oldest winery. Similar to many of the other Midwestern wineries, Oliver sells a variety of wines as well as hard cider. Head to their Bloomington tasting room, open weekends for tours, any day of the week to enjoy their thoughtfully and locally produced wines. With bottles priced as low as $7.50, a visit here won't make you empty out your pockets.

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9. Wollersheim Winery - Sauk City, WI

History lovers, backpackers, and oenophiles alike will find the intersection of their passions at Wollersheim Winery. Located near Devil’s Lake State Park and listed on the national registry of historic places, Wollersheim offers year round tasting and tours and is the perfect place to enjoy some vino after a long hike or kayak trip in the State Park.

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10. Blue Sky Vineyards - Makanda, IL

Our tour of Midwest wineries ends back in Illinois at Blue Sky Vineyards. With world-class wines, idyllic vineyards and its very own waterfall, this picturesque vineyard is a must-see destination while touring the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail.

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This article was written by Nic Shipley and edited by Content Specialist Lexi Perman.