Reaching out to the Tripping Community

We love to share photos of members around the world in their Tripping shirts. And it always makes our day to see a Tripper's photo in our inbox. But recently we received an entirely different kind of message.

It all began with a shocking email. It is a very moving story, but rather than try to retell it, we'll share part of the email with you:


My son received a TRIPPING.COM t-shirt from you late last winter. He wore the shirt religiously and took many pictures of himself with the intent of emailing them to you. On May 23, 2012, he was a passenger in a vehicle that hit a semi head-on. Eric was wearing your shirt.

After nearly 50 days in ICU and another 2 weeks in a skilled nursing facility, my son regained his cognitive ability. His recovery will take years. I had saved the shirt -which was the only article of clothing returned to me (not a clue what happened to his pants!) Anyhow, i am going to sew it up because it is his favorite shirt. I thought that if it was possible, you might be able to send him another one.

Sincerely, Sherri

[caption id="attachment_8013" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Eric's mom sewed his shirt after the accident"][/caption]

We just sent some Tripping shirts (of course!) but we want to do more.

With his mother's support, we're sharing Eric's story and reaching out to you - our community - to rally around a fellow Tripper.

Can you take 5 minutes to write an email, take a photo or send a postcard to Eric? We bet that he'd love hearing from Tripping members around the world. You can send your emails and photos to us at [email protected] and we'll forward everything to Eric's mom. You can also send postcards to Eric via our office at:

Eric H.

c/o Tripping

524 Union Street

San Francisco, CA 94133