iTrustSharing Sweepstakes

To kick off the partnership between Tripping and TrustCloud, the leader in stand-alone trust solutions for the sharing economy, and Shareable, the leading online magazine about the sharing economy and lifestyle, we are happy to announce the iTrustSharing Sweepstakes. The grand prize is $500 to book a rental via Tripping - anywhere in the world! Where would you stay if you had a $500 prize to spend on any of the over 750,000 listings on Tripping? We've picked some properties in some of our favorite cities to see what a traveler could do with the prize: You could spend a week in a lovely apartment in the heart of old Prague....

Or you could stay for a week in a Parisian flat less than 200 meters (.12 miles) away from the Eiffel Tower...

How about spending a couple of weeks in a villa in Bali with your prize money?

Or spending a week-and-a-half in this beautiful home in Melbourne, Australia?

Choose from rentals in over 15,000 cities around the globe.

To enter to win a stay anywhere in the world, click here!