Enjoying a Vacation During the Extended Holiday Season

Why spend Christmas and New Years at home when there are several destinations in North America to explore. Different areas celebrate in different ways and individuals and families will enjoy a new experience. Don't' miss out on an opportunity to enjoy a holiday vacation.

School is out and some employers close up shop for the holidays. Instead of putting up the decorations and waking up at home on Christmas morning, consider being out on a new adventure with family and friends. There are an unlimited amount of locations to choose from and there are some areas that tend to bring a little something special to the holiday season.

The Grand Canyon


Las Vegas

If the Grand Canyon is perfect for Christmas, there is no doubt that Las Vegas is where people want to spend New Year's Eve. The city that never sleeps is always hopping and does not disappoint on one of the wildest nights of the week. Everything is open, everyone is at their best and there is always something to do. The clubs offer drinks and dancing until morning and there are plenty of shows and entertainment options to choose from. At any time, there are lots of opportunities to gamble and try your luck. What could be better than a Christmas or New Year's jackpot?

New York Area

Both Christmas and New Years are terrific on the East Coast. New York is beautiful around the holiday season, with the shops all boasting their holiday ddcor and the beautiful tree in the center of the city. On New Year's Eve, the ball drops and Times Square is packed with people all wanting to be a part of the experience. It's not just about New York City, however. Boston is a little further north and tends to be the historical epicenter of the U.S. A little to the south is the nation's capital. The White House, along with a variety of monuments and museums, will keep any group busy for days.

Holidays are always fun when spent with family and friends. But this does not mean that everyone needs to be at home to take in the festivities. Consider all the benefits that come with a trip somewhere special over Christmas or New Years. If there is enough time, stretch out the vacation for two weeks in order to be away for bother dates. Bring a little adventure and excitement to the next holiday celebration.


Fern Miller writes regularly on American holidays for a range of travel and special occasion websites and blogs. She has spent most of her holidays abroad since she was a child and continues to carry on the same tradition with her children.