Portland is known for having fabulous food and craft beer. Even foodies will attest to that. And luckily for vegetarians, Stumptown is regularly named the most vegan-friendly city in America. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the Portland and are craving a meat-free meal, check out one of these fantastic vegetarian restaurants.

Portland Vegetarian Restaurants: These 10 Restaurants Serve Up Stumptown's Best Meatless Eats

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1. Blossoming Lotus - Northeast

Your appetite will surely bloom as you sit down at this sophisticated yet warm hub for some of the best vegan eats in the city. Blossoming Lotus is renowned for its burgers made from lentils and walnuts, as well as its smoky, savory cashew brie. With lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, Blossoming Lotus is ideal for almost any occasion.

Best For: group dinners, dates, general meat-free feasting

Alcohol served: oh yes

Address: 1713 NE 15th Ave

Phone: 503-228-0048

2. Farm Spirit - Buckman Neighborhood

You’re already pretty lucky if you’re hanging around Portland, but you’d be particularly lucky if you were able to reserve a table at Farm Spirit, as reservations can be made only through lottery on the restaurant's website. Visitors enjoy nine course small plate meals beginning at 7pm and running several hours. Seating is $70 per head, with optional wine pairings, which cost extra. The menu changes fairly regularly in accordance with what ingredients are seasonally available.

Best for: whenever you manage to get a spot, when you want the most Portland-y experience possible.

Alcohol served: Yes, and its too good to miss.

Address: 1414 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

3. Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ - Northeast

Few people know what mesquite seasoning is. However, many know it’s delicious and that’s why it and lots of other lovely seasonings are used generously at Homegrown Smoker. If you find yourself missing a certain meatiness in your meat-free food, look no further than Homegrown’s reubens, ribs, Philly-cheese steaks, cubanos, meatball subs and more. Homegrown is a perfect marriage of Portland hipsterdom and backwoods sensibility. Longboarders and fixed gear bicycle riders welcome.

Best for: No nonsense friend meet-ups, dates with someone you don’t mind spilling BBQ sauce on your shirt in front of, that friend who insists all vegan food is disgusting.

Alcohol served: No, but that's why flasks were invented.

Address: 4237 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217

Phone: (503) 277-3823

4. Juniper - Southwest

Got a craving for great food made by great people? So did the four women who started the Juniper food truck, a worker owned co-op that specializes in locally sourced breakfast and lunch. Juniper is perfect for magazine-worthy picnic items that you don’t need a reservation to get your hands on. Any list about Portland restaurants would be remiss without at least a couple food carts, and Juniper is a vegan food cart par excellence. Recommended are the grilled cheese or harvest bowl, both of which pair nicely with a stroll downtown or along the Willamette River.

Best for: When it’s too nice a day to sit inside at a restaurant.

Alcohol served: No…But their shakes are awfully tasty.

5. Petunia's Pies and Pastries - Southwest

Satisfy your craving for sumptuous sweets sans sentient animal suffering at Petunias. This oasis of goodies, from cookie ice cream sandwiches to decadent layer cakes and flakey crusted pies will quickly make you forget everything you heard about vegetarian food being all tofu and spinach. Partnering with Salt and Straw, a local ice creamery, Petunias has a rotating vegan ice cream flavor of the month, which they incorporate into many of their baked goods including pie themed milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches.

Best for: When by ‘lunch’ you mean dessert.

Alcohol served: No, these sweets are best savored sober.

Address: 610 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Phone: 503-841-5961

6. Snackrilidge - Northeast

There’s nothing unholy about one of Portland’s favorite vegan food carts, but the food is so good you might think it sinful. Nine seitan sandwiches with fun names like Head to the Dills and Salad-be-thy-name are bound to have you coming back for cleaner, delicious goodness!

Best For: your friend who loves puns and hates meat, or the one who loves puns and wants to pretend they’re having meat.

Alcohol served: No

Address: 625 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211

7. Killingsworth Dynasty - Northeast

Culinary royalty and affordability culminate in this gem of the Northeast quarter. A vegan fried chicken burger? Only in Portland! Wash it down with a lavender cream martini, complete with coconut milk. A simple menu leaves a narrow variety but packs a punch in flavor. You don’t need dozens of dishes when the ones you have are proven to please. In a complex city in a complex world, The Dynasty keeps it simple, delicious, and satisfying.

Best for: Casual gatherings, great food, when you don’t want a second mortgage just to cover dinner.

Alcohol served: Yes, and it looks too good to be true.

Address: 832 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217

Phone: 503-234-5683

8. Living Well Bistro -Southeast

Best place in the Southeast to start your day. Living well offers energizing and scrumptious breakfast options such as tofu scrambles and black bean breakfast burritos to help you tackle the day ahead. Wraps, smoothies and vegan pizzas are the perfect pick-me-up to keep you on your toes for whatever adventures the Rose City sends your way!

Best for: Breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner (they close at 6PM)

Alcohol served: No, but plenty of coffee!

Address:10000 SE Main Street, Portland, Oregon 97216

Phone: 503-261-4422

9. Papa G’s Vegan Deli - Southeast

Who says you need a restaurant? Pack a picnic stocked with tempeh, tofu, and local seitan from Papa G’s! Some kombucha will pair nicely with a ‘turkey’ tempeh sandwich complete with house mustard, chips, and greens. Like traditional delis Papa G’s sells by the pound and is more than open to custom orders if you have something specific in mind. This is truly your one stop shop for DIY vegetarian excellence. Hop on the Tri-met and take your Portland-perfect meal to waterfront park and watch the Willamette flow by, complete with Kayakers and tugboats.

Best For: When you’re so vegan you need your tempeh by the pound. When you want the ultimate Portland picnic.

Alcohol served: No, but lots of other tasty drinks like soda and kombucha to accompany your hoagie.

Address: 2314 SE Division St

Phone: 503-235-0244

10. Next Level Burger - Southeast

The Next Level is last but certainly not least on our list. Loving the planet and getting a great meal has never tasted so good, because Next Level serves the finest cholesterol free burgers and hot dogs in addition to a host of salads. If you have a sweet tooth, dairy free shakes can match any soda fountain in terms of flavor variety and thickness. Best of all, this sumptuous soul food won’t break the bank, as no single item costs more than ten dollars.

Best for: Brilliant burgers, need we say more?

Alcohol served: Yes! Order beer, cider and wine.

Address: 4121 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland OR 97214

Phone: 503-719-7058

Get ready to Visit Portland and Enjoy Delicious Vegetarian Food!

1. First, browse Portland vacation rentals.

2. Learn what to order:

In case you aren’t familiar with some of the staples of vegetarian and vegan food, here’s a little glossary to help you order.

Seitan: a meat like orchestration of wheat gluten - super yummy

Tofu: pressed soybean blocks with a neutral flavor that nicely absorb any flavoring or seasoning it is cooked with

Tempeh: meat like soybean cake, somewhat similar to tofu

3. Re-read the list above to plan your itinerary!

This article was written by Nic Shipley.

Hero Image Credit: Brooke Cagle