For those looking to ring in the new year with style, there are a variety of US hot spots with fancy ball drops and champagne toasts. But as we all know, those swanky destinations come with a hefty price tag. Excluding special events ticket costs, airfare, and wardrobe, the hotel lodging alone can cost you an arm and a leg! But what might a vacation rental cost you in these pricey NYE cities? has ranked this year's top New Years Eve destinations by hotel accommodation price tag to really illustrate the money needed to stay at these - see below.

Honolulu Most Expensive NYE Destination

Honolulu, HI is the most expensive US destination this New Year's Eve, based on the cost of its hotel accommodation prices. After comparing median prices for 3-star hotels for the night of the 31st of December, Honolulu's whopping $438 a night price tag beat out big contenders such as New York, NY ($385 a night), San Francisco, CA ($328 a night) and Las Vegas, NV ($238 a night).

Charleston, SC, famous for its boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts, is a hot NYE spot this year. It made the top list with a median hotel price of $303 a night. Los Angeles, CA, famous for the Hollywood nightlife is definitely a hot NYE spot with various hotel options, yet still nearly hits the $200 price mark, even though it sits on the bottom of our list.

Vacation Rentals Can Save Travelers Up to 104% This New Year's Eve

Larger inventory levels allow vacation home rentals to list at lower prices - at times over 100% cheaper.'s Honolulu vacation rentals show a median price of $139 - that's 104% less expensive than the hotel options! In the top five most expensive New Year's Eve destinations, travelers can save nearly 50% when booking a vacation rental. For those with new year resolutions to save money, booking a vacation rental for NYE plans would be a great head start going into the new year.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Situated on the island of Oahu, and as the the capital of Hawaii, late December and early January are the busiest (and most expensive) times of the year for Honolulu besides the summer months. The city serves as a perfect romantic getaway for the honeymoon couple, and as an ideal vacation spot for families. Singles will also enjoy a little splurge with its tropical nightlife. From exotic cocktails, to fresh local dining experiences, to annual Luau beach parties, Honolulu is a top place to celebrate the new year. High rental car prices add to total travel expenses, along with water sports and entertainment that tourists are sure to spend on during their stay.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $438/night to a Honolulu vacation rental at a median price of $132/night!

2. Miami, Florida

Miami offers world-class beach parties and an amazing party scene, full of glamorous Ibiza-style dance clubs, beachfront restaurants with 5-course menus, and sizzling bars. The nightlife festivities here are endless. Add a New Year's Eve celebration to the mix and you've got yourself an unforgettable (and costly) vacation. Even with a number of free beach events and live musical performances, tourists are sure to indulge in an expensive getaway.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $404/night to a Miami vacation rental at a median price of $159/night!

3. New York City, New York

Ahh yes, the famous New York Times Square. Standing in the cold square alongside TV media, while cozying up with a loved one and watching the big ball drop at midnight is a dream to many tourists. The Big Apple holds the title as one of the most expensive cities to vacation and live in year-round, given its high rise apartments, famous clubs and bars, and thriving population. Spending the winter holidays in NYC is no exception, and it is even pricier during the NYE season. Other than the delicious and affordable street food, celebrants won't find many bargains for hotel accommodation here.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $385/night to a New York City vacation rental at a median price of $190/night!

4. San Francisco, California

Nothing can beat San Francisco's city views, no matter what angle or hill you're settled. And with such a diverse, quirky and vibrant community, this city is an ideal location to celebrate the new year with friends and family. The city holds a high cost of living with its pricey homes, transportation fare, expensive cocktail dinners, and nightlife entertainment. With so much to see and do, and with endless opportunities for fun, travelers are sure to splurge away during the end-of-year celebrations.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $328/night to a San Francisco vacation rental at a median price of $164/night!

5. Charleston, South Carolina

For a less traditional NYE destination, travelers can experience southern comfort in Charleston, South Carolina. Despite the seemingly simpler festivities, the city remains a costly destination for the NYE season, given that it's the number 1 spot for boutique hotels, antique shops and charming local events. Downtown Charleston offers an array of high-end restaurants, historic 19th-century elegance, and nightlife activities including the annual Rose Ball showcasing live musical performances. Known for its culture, high-quality food, and pricey bed and breakfasts, Charleston will eat up your wallet fast.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $303/night to a Charleston vacation rental at a median price of $185/night!x

6. Denver, Colorado

A popular destination in the summer, Denver remains a hot spot for the winter holiday season. As the largest city and capital of Colorado, Denver holds an array of both annual and novel celebrations each year, from theatrical opera performances, to family ice skating rinks, to illuminating lighting ceremonies. But with so many popular events come fun, cheaper ones as well. Visitors can enjoy an annual fireworks show as well as the Downtown Denver Grand Illumination for free. Maybe even skip the champagne and head on a Denver Microbrew Tour instead, with some of the best drinks around. Otherwise, be prepared for an increase in hotel prices during the New Year festivities.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $241/night to a Denver vacation rental at a median price of $115/night!

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City: The number one destination for wild weekends and unforgettable nights. Here, the fun never stops, and New Year's Eve is no exception. From DJ headliners and bottle service at the top nightclubs to astonishing suites on the strip, Las Vegas is a hot destination to ring in the new year. The whole strip shuts down on December 31st offering an entire block party, and resorts are packed full of the hottest entertainment. Add in a choreographed fireworks display and endless gambling, and you've got yourself a 2014 celebration to remember.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $238/night to a Las Vegas vacation rental at a median price of $120/night!

8. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City is a lavish resort town located in Atlantic County, New Jersey, famously known for its casinos, boardwalk and stunning beaches. It is popular for being home to the Miss America Pageant, and considered a vacation must-see with its exciting (but costly) New Year's Eve festivities. Tourists can enjoy a blowout getaway with a night of gambling at the flashiest casinos and are sure to experience luxurious fine dining and DJ headliners at the top hotels and clubs. Known for its lush resorts, airfare and hotel prices are sure to spike during the NYE season.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $234/night to an Atlantic City vacation rental at a median price of $130/night!

9. Los Angeles, California

Public transit here is not ideal or as convenient as some may hope, so a taxi, car-sharing service, or private designated driver may be in order. Los Angeles is also popular for its stylish locals and luxurious lifestyle. Visitors are likely to indulge in big-name restaurants, trendy bars and clubs, and may be drawn to the city's celebrity nature in the Hollywood Hills. Not to mention the spike in hotel costs during the season ensures one of the priciest vacations yet.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $194/night to a Los Angeles vacation rental at a median price of $125/night!

10. Orlando, Florida

Orlando attracts crowds of families and kids, with the ever-so-popular Disney World theme park. Theme park and hotel resort prices increase rapidly during the high season, especially when ringing in the new year. Other famous amusement parks such as Universal Orlando and the incorporated Wizarding World of Harry Potter are huge drivers to tourists as well, resulting in high vacation costs. With so many attractions for the whole family, an abundance of New Year's Eve celebrations are to be had.

Compare a 3-star hotel at $178/night to a Orlando vacation rental at a median price of $85/night!

If you'd like to have a ball on a budget, a vacation home rental option is the better financial option. Don't let sky high hotel prices make you miss out on the festivities!