A popular dish in Switzerland, Italy, and France, fondue is a special delicacy that typically features melted cheese served in a warm pot with pieces of bread for dipping. There are other variations on fondue that include dipping meat into the cheese sauce, as well as the especially popular dessert fondue with hot chocolate sauce. Because fondue is a more communal dish, it makes for a fun group outing, family dinner, or a romantic date with that special someone. Here are 8 of the best fondue restaurants in the United States.

Don't Miss These Great U.S. Fondue Restaurants!

1. La Fondue

This hidden gem is located in the center of Saratoga Village, just an hour south of San Francisco. The restaurant features a unique interpretation of European design and serves over 50 different types of fondues such as buttermilk, classic cheddar, Swiss cheese and garlic. End the evening with a decadent pot of chocolate fondue for dessert that also comes in multiple options, including hazelnut, caramel, white chocolate and butterscotch.

Address: 14550 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA

2. Taureau

At this New York hotspot, meals come in three courses of fondue. The first course is a cheese fondue with bread for dipping, followed by the meat fondue course (also known as Bourguignonne Fondue from Burgundy, France), where a variety of meats including pork tenderloin, filet mignon, hanger steak and chicken breast are dipped into hot oil, and served with a tasty assortment of house made dipping sauces like truffle mushroom and blue cheese. The meal ends with milk or dark chocolate fondue that includes a plate of marshmallows, fruits and cakes for dipping.

Address: 558 Broome Street, New York, NY

3. Dai Due

This farm-to-table operation sources local ingredients and serves them up in a rustic space that includes an attached butcher shop. Chef Jesse Griffiths is known for serving his broiled Neufchatel, garlic and cheddar dip that sources its cheese from a local farm. He sprinkles dried paprika on top and then serves the fondue in a cast-iron pan with toasted slices of their house-baked bread.

Address: 2406 Manor Road, Austin, TX

4. Roaring Fork

This Arizona restaurant offers a special take on traditional fondue: a blend of Monterey Jack and goat cheeses is mixed with white wine and milk, then French lamb rib chops are dipped into the delicious mixture, along with cubes of roasted butternut squash and chile pecan bread. The Roaring Fork also has two more locations in Austin, Texas.

Address: 4800 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 1700, Scottsdale, AZ

5. Palace Kitchen

A longtime favorite of Seattle locals, the restaurant is owned by Chef Tom Douglas, who has won awards for Best Northwest Chef and Best Restaurateur. One of the must-try appetizers on the menu is their goat cheese lavender fondue, which is served over a tea candle and includes a side of sliced apples and freshly baked Applewood grilled bread. The restaurant sources Laura Chenel chevre goat cheese and lavender from a local farm on the Olympic Peninsula for tasty freshness.

Address: 2030 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA

6. Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale

If you’re a fan of beer, then you’ll like what Chef Jason Fiset is serving up at this Boston restaurant. He combines locally brewed casks on tap (American Pale Ale or India Pale Ale) and blends them with aged Gouda and house made Mornay sauce for a uniquely tasty fondue dip. Enjoy with a serving of house made pretzels and local foccaccia bread to complete the experience.

Address: 48 Temple Place, Boston, MA

7. Red Bird Restaurant

Just when you thought fondue couldn’t get any more lavish, it does. At the wine bar of Chef Jim Tracey’s Missoula restaurant, they serve a special champagne fondue that features a smooth blend served with bread and pears for dipping, as well as tender marinated and grilled bison and steak if you’re looking something with a little more body.

Address: 111 N. Higgins, Suite 100, Missoula, MT

8. Yojie Japanese Fondue

Enjoy your favorite dish with an Asian twist at this unique eatery that offers diners an interactive experience. Start out the meal by cooking your Shabu Shabu – a Japanese hotpot dish that includes thinly sliced pieces of meat and vegetables boiled in water. After cooking them and serving with dipping sauces, finish the meal with their signature chocolate fondue that is available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and green tea white chocolate and is served with a side of strawberries, bananas and pastries for dipping.

Address: 501 Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

This article was written by Kamala Kirk.